Five dead, nine injured in forest fires in Ukraine

Cinq morts, neuf blessés dans des feux de forêt en Ukraine

Five people have died and nine were hospitalized after a major forest fire in the east of Ukraine, said Tuesday the authorities.

The fire broke out on Monday in the region of Luhansk, part of which is in the hands of the separatists prorusses, and has spread over more than 80 hectares, said in a press release the State service for emergency Situations.

First located, the fire intensified significantly Tuesday morning due to wind gusts and temperatures of 38°C affecting the village of Smolianynové. More than 120 homes have been ravaged by the flames in this area located some twenty kilometres from the front line, according to the release.

About 350 firefighters and rescue workers were deployed on the scene, added the presidency of ukraine, which specifies that the head of State Volodymyr Zelensky has summoned the Interior minister and several other officials to a meeting on this issue.

In the spring, forest fires, unprecedented have plagued this year more than 66 000 hectares in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (north of Ukraine), the theatre in 1986 of the worst nuclear disaster in History.

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