Five drinks to enjoy during your vacation

Cinq boissons alcoolisées à déguster durant vos vacances

MONTREAL – “It’s vacation time”, as sung so well Pierre Lalonde. While many Quebecers will be on holiday, the hour of aperitifs, bbq’s and relaxing in the campsite rang. Question will complement those moments of summer, here are five alcoholic beverages to discover and enjoy during your vacation.

During a picnic at the park: the ready-to-drink Cider house Milton

The orchards of the Cider house Milton offer the past few years their refreshing ready-to-drink Milton Star, made from their apples stars, McIntosh and Spartan. Drink natural and gluten-free is a cider-mid-dry, semi-sweet, sparkling, light and fruity. This is the cider perfect for lounging in the sun, at a picnic because it transports well in a set of four, in a basket or in a cooler. Other flavors are also available such as the Milton Star cherry, grapefruit and blackberry.

*To 11,48 $ at the SAQ and 10,99 $ at the grocery store

Camping with friends: the new beer Coors Slice lime

The brewery quebec Molson, who is the oldest in operation in North America, launches this summer with a new beer under the banner Coors. It will help you quench your thirst, even in the greatest heat. In fact, after the Coors Slice Orange last year, now the Coors Slice Lime makes its appearance on the market. With a hint of lime, this new light beer and easy to drink, holds subtle hints and not too sweet. In addition, it is available in several supermarkets.

*At $ 2.50 per unit – Available in most grocery stores

On the edge of the pool in the afternoon: cocktail gin and tonic low calorie Garden Verde

Become a mixologist for a day! Check out the new gin Garden Verde, which contains only 50 calories per ounce of gin. Its taste is very light in the mouth is composed of notes of fresh cucumber, a touch of mint, basil, and rosemary. This is the gin perfect for a cocktail gin and tonic, adding a bit of lime, ice cubes, a few slices of cucumber and some lime leaves. Serve and enjoy on the edge of the pool!

* 38 $ – Available at the SAQ

At a dinner party barbecue: the Portuguese wine Pereira

At your barbecues! This is a delicious burger, a side of beef or ribs with the sauce, south-west, the red wine is still a very good option to consider for a good food pairing wine. In fact, the Portuguese wine Pereira combines perfumes and fragrances, perfect to accompany your grilled meats. In the mouth, we called this wine is aromatic and full-bodied with aromas of black fruit, spice and toast. In addition, this wine is affordable and rich taste pleasantly in your back yard, at a party, gastronomic and festive.

*To 12,15 $: Available at the SAQ

During a boat cruise: the rosé wine canadian Inniskillin

Who says summer also says pink. The Niagara valley in Ontario offers an excellent bottle: the Inniskillin. The assembly of this rosé is composed of pinot noir, pinot gris and pinot blanc. The interesting mix of grape varieties is rich, soft and full, with notes of citrus, tropical fruit, vanilla and oak. This good wine for the reception and tasting will be accompanied by summer salads, fresh fruit such as strawberries, watermelon or sherbet. Is not this the ideal for a walk on the water by boat?!

*To $ 20.95 Available at the SAQ

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