Five employees of a club of dancers with the COVID-19

Cinq employés d’un club de danseurs atteints de la COVID-19

After that the five members of the staff of the Stock Bar in Montreal’s gay Village have been declared positive for the COVID-19 this week, the owner of the establishment, also reached, the judge “extremely difficult” to enforce the sanitary measures in the bars.

“I’m in the Village for a long time and what I see when I walk is that the bars do not have the correct measurements, expresses the owner, Robert Mowbray. He also believes “impossible that there are not other cases of coronavirus in the Village or in other bars”.

The Stock Bar on St. Catherine street, is a club of dancers, where people are sitting to watch different performers nude on stage.

Before deciding to close his bar for two weeks, everything was fine, but the management of clients became more difficult the more the hours passed, according to Mr. Mowbray.

“When people began to drink more, they were tempted to move and to dance, to go see the other. Throughout the evening, it was an anguish for my employees and me to sit down everyone and make them wear the mask all the time.”

“People want to do things that put them at risk. Everyone has been at home so long that they can’t control themselves now that they can go outside,” he thinks.

The latter confirms that the sanitary measures were adhered to in the school which had less than 100 people, or three times less than before the pandemic. The mask-wearing was mandatory for all employees, as well as the dancers. Any show “private” remained banned and no contact was tolerated with the dancers.

On Monday, a server would have had a positive test. Mr. Mowbray would have asked all his employees to go and get tested. Thursday morning, four other people had received a positive diagnosis, including himself, says he. None of the dancers would not have contracted the coronavirus, he said.

“Now, I don’t know how many people have it. We are trying to reach customers that we know to warn them.”

Between five and six other employees are still waiting for their results.

The institution announced on Thursday via his page Facebook that it would cease its activities for the next 14 days and will resume its activities where this will be more safe, so it is written. Mr. Mowbray has contacted public Health to inform them and wait for their call, ” he said. He preferred, however, to close the bar Stock by preventive measures.

When asked about the usefulness of a register of clients of the institution, Mr. Mowbray mentions that some of them are not interested to register their names.

The president of the Corporation of the owners of bars, brasseries and taverns in Quebec, Renaud Poulin, does not hide the complexity of enforcing the rules of an evening.

“It is sure that it is difficult. It is not necessary to take the hide and it has nothing to do with alcohol. There are individuals who do not accept it. It is our obligation, says he. It really requires that we monitor a little more”, does it.

The latter remains convinced that all is well in all of the bars at the provincial level and wishes to remain open.

Recall that on Monday, the public health had identified four institutions from the region of Montreal – other than the Stock Bar – where there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 since the reopening of the bars on the 25th of June. The reopening was accompanied by the obligation to stop the sale of alcohol to midnight.

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