Five films where the heroes are in danger in space

Five films where the heroes are in danger in space


In survival mode, humans manage to find an unsuspected momentum. When they have no choice but to fight with the energy of despair, they often push their limits. In the cinema, these characters have an obvious appeal. Here are five films where the heroes face adversity…in space, to boot. 


Astronaut Sam Bell (played by Sam Rockwell) has accepted a three-year solo mission to the Moon. It helps to send energy to fill a lack on Earth. In the last stage of his stay away from his family, things take an unexpected turn when he makes a discovery that is destabilizing to say the least. Unfortunately, the only ally he has is a computer… But is it really there to support him? A sci-fi drama where you long to get everything back to “normal”. And why you don't have to be claustrophobic.

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Even if Youri dreams of becoming an astronaut and contemplates the sky with fascination, it is on Earth that his future will be decided. In what will become his “spaceship”, the city where he grew up and which is doomed to demolition, the teenager will lead the charge and bring with him a slew of friends. The space he so desires to explore will have to wait, because the stakes are too high on dry land. This social drama from France blows a fresh wind where the generation of tomorrow refuses to give up. 

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(v.o. Life< /strong>)

The dream of almost every astronaut is to discover an extraterrestrial presence. However, this wonderful news can quickly become disturbing and turn into a real nightmare. Here, the men and women who have agreed to land on Mars must deal with a threat that could descend on Earth if they fail to control it. A race against time is on. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are part of the high-tension team.

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(v.o. Gravity)

The technical exploits of this science fiction story allowed filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón and his team to win seven Oscars in 2014. In front of the Mexican camera, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock find themselves lost in space. Abandoned to their sad fate after the explosion of their space shuttle, they let themselves be overwhelmed by fear and panic. Quickly, however, they come to the only possible conclusion: they can only count on themselves to leave the great darkness and return to Earth. But the game is far from won.

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Alone on Mars

(v.o. The Martian )

What's worse than being left for dead on a hostile planet with no means of communication? accessible to signal their presence? Not much. Despite a very dark fate, astronaut Mark Watney, with his feet firmly planted on Mars, must rely on his intelligence and pray for help. Because this solo stay is absolutely not reassuring. In addition to the felt performance of Matt Damon, the special effects hold the attention. This space adventure garnered seven Oscar nominations in 2016.

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