Five good reasons to listen to the Truth Therapy series (with Jason Segel and Harrison Ford)

Five good reasons to listen to the Truth Therapy series (with Jason Segel and Harrison Ford)


Actor Jason Segel as an awkward, outspoken and bereaved psychologist, octogenarian Harrison Ford as his old mentor, all sprinkled with the series' amusing benevolence Ted Lasso . These are the ingredients of the series Shrinking (Truth Therapy), presented on Apple TV +. This story will make you laugh and warm your heart during the cold days of February. The proof in 5. 

The sympathetic and comic Jason Segel

It is the comic actor Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) who plays the main role of Jimmy Laird. This rather awkward therapist is in mourning for his wife, who was also the mother of his teenage daughter with whom he is trying – somehow – to recreate a bond of trust. The story begins when, exhausted, Jimmy begins to tell his patients what he really thinks and involves me in their lives in a very personal way.

The presence of Harrison Ford

At 80, Harrison Ford is still in demand! In the series, the famous Han Solo from Star Wars lends his features to Doctor Paul Rhodes, Jimmy's colleague and mentor, suffering from Parkinson's disease and hiding his good feelings behind his gruff features. The actor doesn't seem to want to slow down as he also stars in the 1923 series alongside 77-year-old Helen Mirren (previous episode of the Yellowstone series). In June, he will find familiar clothes in the film Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

The tasty characters

The kaleidoscope of characters in the series charms with its eclectic, colorful and far from stereotypical side. We fall for Gaby, fellow therapist and outspoken family friend, Sean, the patient with anger management issues, and Brian, Jimmy's exuberant best friend. Together they tackle themes of grief, love, parenting, friendship, illness, addictions, loneliness and old age.

The creators behind the Ted Lasso series

If we find in Shrinking the good-natured tone, the humor and the often clumsy goodness of the characters in the manner of another Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso”, it is that we owe these two series to the same thinking heads: Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence (also behind the Scrubs series). The writers work here with Jason Segel, also co-creator.

The pleasure that lasts

We are used to threading many episodes of a series , following the other, so as to reach the grand finale as quickly as possible. As Apple TV+ only releases one episode of Shrinking per week (every Friday), this challenge should be seen as a way to make the fun last.

-A new episode of Shinking has been dropped every Friday on Apple TV+.