Five high-performance hunting bows

Five performance hunting bows


When the time comes to choose this type of weapon, it can be difficult to navigate with all the models that can be admired in the displays of merchants.

The arch was developed during the Stone Age, around 22,000 years ago. The Egyptians then improved it 5000 years ago for hunting and warfare. 

The traditional model is composed of a monobloc or an upper and lower branch, a handle and a rope connected to the ends, which are called dolls.

It will be necessary to wait until 1960 to see the first pulley prototypes and 1967 in terms of their commercialization. All hunters are then seduced by the increase in the force of propulsion and by the reduction in the holding power during the extension which makes it possible to maintain the aiming position longer.

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I asked François Massicotte, owner of Performance Chasse Pêche in Repentigny, to kindly suggest to the readers of the Journalhigh-performance models to meet the many challenges that such a collection activity offers. Basically, this specialist explains that the choice of a bow must always be made according to our size, our needs and our objectives. It is important to consult a local merchant for good advice, especially if you are a neophyte. Here is all of his comments and recommendations:

Hoyt Ventum Pro 30

The bow builder Hoyt is, according to the expert interviewed, a reference in the field of archery. The new Ventum Pro 30 is simple to use, robust and powerful. It is equipped with the In-line system to fix the sight and the arrow rest on a rail. This accessory reduces the width and weight of the bow and makes it less catching. With the same concern for ergonomics, the weapon is delivered with an integrated stabilizer at the bottom of the handle. You can easily add small legs that allow you to place your investment on the ground safely. Overall, this 4.45 lb model, capable of flying your arrows at 342 ft/sec, will satisfy the most demanding hunters. Its tension can be adjusted from 40 to 80 lbs. Price: $1550

Mathews V3X 33

This product is an example of improvement. This is the quietest bow tested this year. It is equipped with the Bridge-lock system which allows the sight to be installed directly in the frame. This reduces the width and weight of the bow, while making it more compact. This bow is suitable for different styles of shooters. The 33-inch version is ideal for tall enthusiasts or for technicians looking for more stability for target shooting. It is possible to modify both the draw, the pressure and the release by simply changing a module on the cams. Versatility appreciated by connoisseurs. According to various ratings, the boom travel speed can reach 336 ft/sec. Price: $1650

Bowtech SR350

This is François' favorite model for 2022. This bow is advertised at an IBO speed, an acronym for International Bowhunters Organization and its many tests, of 350 ft/sec. Surprisingly, you don't feel any vibration after firing. It is undoubtedly the softest bow in our selection and yet one of the fastest. Another advantage, the Deadlock system allows you to adjust the alignment of the cams and lock them in place to ensure a perfect arrow flight. The 33″ configuration with a 6″ bow band makes it very stable, which is perfect for shooting in a hunting situation. Orbit Dampeners can be placed in different locations to maximize the balance everyone is looking for. Price: $1500

Bowtech Eva Shockey Gen2

The specialist interviewed has long wondered why shooters had to settle for children's bows or budget versions. Why was there no model really up to the real thing? A manufacturer has finally taken the fairer sex seriously. Bowtech has gone all out in the design of this high-end bow. We find all their latest technologies, in dimensions adapted to female templates. It is light, easy to stretch and extremely efficient. Women don't have to compromise anymore with this weapon that weighs only 3.9 lbs, with an adjustable stretch length from 23.5 to 28.5 in, a force of 40, 50 or 60 lbs for the armament, all generating shots up to 323 ft/sec. Price: $1400


According to Mr. Massicotte, this major manufacturer presents a surprisingly extensive catalog. Among all these choices, François offers this versatile and pleasant bow. New shooters appreciate the stability of this 33″ weapon and 7″ bow band. It is adjustable to draw lengths from 24″ to 31″, which is ideal for growing young hunters looking for a powerful and durable bow at a moderate price. In addition, the machined grip and the ZF Quad-Track Cam system improve stability and fine tuning compared to older generations. Flight speed is close to 330 ft/sec. At full draw, the user loves the 80% tension release. The NXT weighs only 4.3 lbs, so it's easy to lug around. Price: $950 

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