Five lives have been saved by a detector at 10$

Cinq vies sauvées par un détecteur à 10$

A family of Sainte-Marthe was saved in extremis from a fire that ravaged his house thanks to his smoke detector.

“It is an investment of $ 10, which has saved five lives last night,” said Richard MacDonald, director of the fire service of the municipality of Sainte-Marthe-de-Rigaud.

A violent blaze caused heavy damage to a small residence in the rue Besner, leaving a family of two adults and three children aged 8, 5 and 3 years old to the street. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

Near the bedrooms

Cinq vies sauvées par un détecteur à 10$

Richard MacDonald
Director of the fire Service

When firefighters arrived on the scene, the family had just had time to evacuate, was in shock, say the neighbors present.

“They were awoken by the smoke detector. If it hadn’t been for that, they would not have had time to vacate the premises as the flames were reported near the place where they slept, ” says Mr. MacDonald.

Cross on the spot the day after the fire, the mother of three children walked around with the only object saved from the flames : the security blanket of her child.

She declined our interview request.

Children inconsolable

“They have lost everything,” says Marie-Claude Audet, a neighbor of long standing who has been a witness of the sad events.

“The children were crying, among other things because they have not had time to save their hamster “, she adds.

This last explains that the couple had redone the front of the residence earlier this summer.

Another neighbor, who preferred to conceal his name came to the aid of the affected people by providing clothing for children.

The family has been supported by the Red Cross. The organization confirms that the occupants were insured.

The cause of the fire is still unknown for the fire department. However, it has rejected the thesis of an arson or an oversight on the part of the owners.

Volunteers from the Red Cross came to the aid of the victims in the aftermath of the events.

“None of the occupants didn’t smoke,” adds the director of fire. It is thought that it may be an electrical fault or technical. ”

More than 50 firefighters from eight fire departments different occurred from midnight on the night of Thursday to Friday.

Their work has been rendered more complex by the lack of hydrants in the area.

Large quantities of water had to be transported to douse the blaze.

Change the batteries

To Richard MacDonald, a similar event confirms the importance of changing the batteries in his detector twice a year.

“If we tend to forget, you can get a detector with lithium battery. It is good for ten years, ” he adds to the passage.

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