Five montreal companies that manufacture masks

Cinq entreprises montréalaises qui fabriquent des masques

Quebecers will have to wear a cover-face in all indoor public places from Saturday. Whether you’re at the grocery store, in transit, at the beauty salon or even in the restaurant, the mask will be mandatory. Here are five montreal companies where do you find the masks, in order to avoid any risk of the spread of the COVID-19.

The masks antimicrobial Halt

For maximum protection, the montreal company Proprietary Brand Sourcing, known in the industry of clothing manufacturing for over 30 years, has done extensive research to create a Halt, the first full-face mask reusable with anti-microbial protection double. On the market, it is the only mask reusable in North America with a technology anti-microbial protection double, which prevents the growth of bacteria.

*At$ 19.99 – masks Halt is available in three sizes, adult, child, and young child. The masks are on sale in participating pharmacies across the province of Quebec as well as online at

The soft polyester KOMBI Canada

This summer, the KOMBI brand, specializing in winter accessories, has added a string to his bow by launching KOMBI CareTM. The range is a new collection of masks manufactured right here in Montreal. These masks (non-medical) reusable and washable are made of soft polyester and allow you to breathe easily to both the inside and outside. They also feature a pouch for filter removable for added protection and to address the dust and bacteria.

* At$ 14.95 and masks Kombi are offered in three sizes, adult, child, and young child. The masks are on sale at selected retailers and online

The masks design by Katrin Leblond

The montreal-based designer Katrin Leblond no longer has to make his reputation in the fashion industry in Montreal. The designer has used his experience to make masks more trend, without neglecting their effectiveness. These cover faces are made in Montreal and are designed from their own impressions, which the lovely grounds can absolutely complete a look. Two layers of organic cotton and lycra make up each of the masks, which are washable, reusable and reversible.

* $ 79 for four masks on sale at the shop located at 4647 St-Laurent boulevard, Montreal, and online

Masks fancy of The Licornerie

To put a little fantasy in our hearts, during this crisis, the shop Licornerie has used its creativity and offers a new collection of masks of prevention “licornesques”. The team of this shop theme, dedicated to products that pay homage to the unicorn, has manufactured over 30 models in different colors and, of course, the image of the beast, fanciful. All the masks are made of cotton, double thick quality and are made entirely by hand in Montreal.

* To 12,95$ – masks of the Licornerie are available in three sizes, adult, child, and young child. The masks are on sale for pre-order and pickup in store at 408 avenue du Mont-Royal est or delivery online at

The masks are adjustable and colorful Kïze

The montreal company Kïze seized the opportunity of the COVID-19 to make the wearing of the mask as normal. In fact, the team manufactures masks premium comfortable, durable, breathable, washable, reusable, and most importantly adjustable. They have, therefore, been constructed with an adjuster for easy adjustment and a pocket filter that is versatile, allowing maximum protection. With a high popularity in the United States, the online retail business is also distinguished by its vibrant colors and fashionable.

* 15$, 25$ or 45$ – masks Kïze are offered in pack of 2 or 4. The masks are on sale online at

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