Five new American films to see

Five new American movies to watch


Like every year, the major Hollywood studios are taking advantage of the long American Thanksgiving weekend to launch several of their most anticipated films at the end of the year. And the least we can say is that there will be something for everyone! Here are five new releases that hit theaters yesterday.

Les Fabelman

One year after the release of its very successful adaptation from the musical West Side Story, Steven Spielberg offers a new film that he openly describes as his most personal work to date. The famous American filmmaker revisits his childhood memories and the time when he fell in love with cinema.

Avalonia: A Strange World

This new animated film from Disney features a family of explorers who set out to discover an uncharted land populated by fantastic creatures. This fable about environmental conservation was directed by Don Hall, the man behind the movie Raya and the Last Dragon.


This drama of J. D. Dillard inspired by a true story will certainly appeal to war movie lovers. Well-crafted, Devotion tells the story of the friendship between two United States Navy fighter pilots who performed heroic feats during the Korean War in 1950.

Glass Onion: A Tale at Daggers Drawn

< p>Daniel Craig reprises his role as Detective Benoit Blanc in this sequel to the tasty murder mystery film Knives Out, one of the great surprises of 2019 at the box office. This new intrigue led by director Rian Johnsen brings together on screen Janelle Monae, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson and Ethan Hawke.

Bones and All

Genre cinema fans will also have something new to eat with the release of this thriller which marks the reunion between Franco-American actor Timothée Chalamet and filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, five years after the release of the drama Call me by your name. The film tells a cannibalistic love story between two young misfits.