Five popular diets that can harm health

Пять популярных диет, которые могут навредить здоровью

Proper nutrition and diet is not identical concepts.

And if popular a proper diet helps to lose weight, or maintain weight, have healthy hair, skin and overall appearance, diet is usually cause harm to the body because most of them is practically starvation, according to the with reference to

First, we need to understand that the observance of a particular diet can be prescribed only by a professional dietitian. And then, only after a full examination of the body. In any case it is impossible to independently assign itself any diet to quickly lose weight. Remember that crash diets are not only ineffective, but also harm the body.

Lemon diet

This diet requires a 10-day course of fasting. Can’t eat anything except drink water, lemon juice, maple syrup and censkogo pepper.

At first it was supposed to be a program for cleaning the body of toxins, but due to the is celebrities, she quickly came into Vogue as a method to lose weight.

This “starvation” diet is for the body only harm. Because of the high concentration of the acid can considerably harm the intestines and stomach. Also drink lemon affects the tooth enamel, making it sensitive.

The destruction of the most common myths regarding the use of drinking water with lemon here.

I should add that none of the ingredients of this diet cleanses the body. Besides, such drastic weight fluctuations have a negative impact on health.

The juice diet

It provides for some time, namely, from three to ten days, to eliminate from the diet all natural in addition to fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Expert on sports nutrition, University of California Liz Applegate noted that the main disadvantage of this diet is the deficiency of proteins and calories. They deprive the body of essential for life substances and energy.

Such a diet not only leads to slower metabolism, but also ensures a rapid return of weight loss, after the normalization of the diet.

Protein diet

Diet allow eating foods that contain large amount of protein, namely, meat, eggs, fish, low-fat dairy products and tofu.

Such a diet may really give the harmony. However, if you long to stick with it, it is bad for the body. Excess protein and protein in the kidneys will work from last forces, they will form stones.

In addition, in the blood will increase cholesterol, leading to heart problems and blood vessels. But the risk of getting a stroke or heart attack will increase to 28%. At the same time can form stones in the gallbladder. Due to the lack of fiber in the intestines it will absorb trace elements.

Diet on baby food

The purpose of this diet is to eat prepared baby puree jars containing natural products, without artificial colors and preservatives. This allows you to go to a fractional power in small portions and lose weight.

Such a diet not ideal for long use. After all, no need to chew food affects the jaw apparatus and digestive health. Baby food not adult gives the body the necessary amount of fiber, protein, and fat.

Diet on cabbage soup

During the week the diet is limited to only vegetable cabbage soup and water. The caloric content of such food is very low, less than a thousand calories a day. According to nutrition expert Erin Palinski-Wade, so severe caloric restriction is not a healthy way to lose weight.

In addition, the number of dietary calories is so little that slows down your metabolism. But this drastic diet can lead to deficiency of vital elements of food – proteins and fatty acids.

Important! Remember that any diet that has severe restrictions will end sooner or later. And you will return to your normal lifestyle. Therefore, the body, relive stress, will accumulate more and more fat. So to speak, in reserve.


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