Five products from quebec for a barbecue gourmand

Cinq produits québécois pour un barbecue gourmand

The beautiful weather and the green light from the government to the gatherings outside, in certain conditions, give the desire to grill supper. This weekend, if you have the intention to light the fire in your grills, here are five products from quebec to taste for a barbecue gourmand and successful.

The lobster of gaspésie



The season of the lobster has come! In Quebec, the lobster of gaspésie is popular among our restaurateurs, but of course among all the consumers of seafood. This crustacean shell red do molt once per year, so that at the time of the spring fishing, it has the hard shell and full of flesh white, firm, tender and tasty. This is the ideal time to savour in all possible ways : in whole, in guédille, in a salad or even served with pasta.

SUGGESTION : drink with white wine québécois Liqueur White (SAQ)

Available at Odessa Poissonnier – Appointment at the to know the traceability of the lobster

Cheese curds bbq fromagerie Victoria



In aperitif or on a cheese platter, the cheese curds are often forgotten and yet it is one of the types of cheeses the most popular thanks to the famous putin. The fromagerie Victoria has even made it his specialty. Among the various cheeses of the shop, you can discover the bag of cheese curds and barbecue. The addition of spices barbecue smoke, to raise the taste of the fresh cheese of the day, made with 100% milk from here. It is truly a delight to be shared, with crackers and grapes.

SUGGESTION : TO be drunk with the wine rosé quebec Bù Merlot Rosé (grocery)

Available in the shops, Fromagerie Victoria and various branch offices – Appointments to the

The pickles and condiments of Grangou



Place to marinades to flavour meat, poultry and fish. The quebec-based company PHAFO, therefore, comes to the rescue by presenting the range of pots GRANGOU ” (the term creole, which means “hunger”), consisting of pickles and spicy sauce, inspired by the haitian kitchen. Blow of heart for the product Pikliz rosé, condiment, spicy and mild, crunchy and tasty, based on vegetables, raw peppers, which blends well with any piece of grilled meat.

Available on the online shop :

The new sausages “They smoke good”



The deli deluxe “They smoke good” is launching this week its new flavours of sausages that taste the summer : Sausage Lobster & Bisque, Sausage, Shrimp, scallops and white wine, the Sausage Soup of Fish, pieces of cod, scallops, tomatoes, and cognac, Sausage, smoked Duck Breast & maple Syrup and Sausage Shredded Duck, Leeks & white wine.

SUGGESTION : drink with white beer lstw x Brasserie Harricana

Available in six locations across Montreal – visit the

Burgers of beef flexitariens of the President’s Choice



The collection of President’s Choice grocery stores Provigo offers all the spring novelties in summer and enjoy them on the barbecue. This season, it has the taste to adopt the new burgers of beef flexitariens, consisting of a quarter of a cup of vegetables to each patty of beef. These burgers lean beef are so full of carrots, corn, kale, peas, and a mixture of herbs and spices. This is perfect for those who wish to consume less meat! Good appetite!

SUGGESTION : drinking with the Amermelade Spritz in ready-to-drink (SAQ)

Available in a Provigo near you.

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