Five rules of successful book: expert advice

Do not skimp on the details at the time of publication of the book

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Пять правил успешной книги: советы эксперта

5 rules of successful books

Today, training and motivating literature is incredibly popular. And own book can become an important tool for building business. However, you should consider a few important points about Today.Lifestyle said the Manager of a famous psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky in Ukraine Anna Sukharevskaya.

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What is important to know about how to write and publish your own book?

The rules of writing and publishing a successful book

  • Think about the goal.
    There may be two: earnings and an image attachment. Let’s be honest, making money on the book, real money, for example, popular bloggers with tens of thousands of subscribers or experts level Labkovsky or Dr. Komarovsky. If you don’t belong to any of these categories, the book will be for you not a source of profit, but rather expenses. However, it will be a profitable investment, which will enhance your prestige (and, hence, the cost of your services) in the eyes of existing customers and helps attract new ones.
  • The distribution channels.
    As a rule, unknown authors have to publish at his own expense. And count on the publisher to promote the book, alas, is not worth it. So tune in to what at first your readers will be friends&family: friends, relatives and clients. If you have a popular account on Facebook or Instagram, you can make draw books blog. Another channel of promotion is the – presentation of the book. For example, open readings on the discussion forums (if this is a business literature) or in the café (if you write in the format of a lifestyle).

Пять правил успешной книги: советы эксперта

How to publish your book

  • Beware.
    More or less known authors publishers can offer the distribution of the book through bookstores. The average conditions of the royalty in this case: about 10% of sales. All anything, but in reality you can’t track if there was any “shadow” additional copies printed without your knowledge. And, hence, about the number of copies sold, you will have to take the publisher’s word for it. Unfortunately, in our country, the financial machinations on the part of publishers is not uncommon.
  • Do not skimp on the details.
    There’s nothing worse than books with sumptuous illustrations, printed on expensive coated paper, and full of grammatical errors. Therefore do not stint on good proofreader. And if you are not confident in your literary skills, then litigator. Specialist will help arrange thoughts in an easy and entertaining text.

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  • The title and cover
    – this is the “odezhka” on which greeted your book a potential reader. There are many techniques by which the cover will be “sold”. But if you’ve never dealt with marketing in the field of book publishing, you probably do not know about them. So hire a good marketer and listen to his advice.

Would you like to write your own book? What would it be?

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