Five styles of shirts quebecers to adopt according to your morphology

Cinq styles de maillots québécois à adopter selon votre morphologie

This summer, mother Nature offers us of the beautiful time, is worthy of the climate of Saint-Tropez! These warm and sunny days encourage us to put on our bathing suits to enjoy the pool and the beach. During a heat wave, here are 5 styles of shirts of quebec to adopt, depending on your type of morphology.

If you are the type X or hourglass – Tea You

Model : Ariana Grande

Women to the morphology in X are rather thin. The width of their shoulders is the same as that of the hips, and their size is more fine. The trademark montreal-based Tea You is what is best for them. The different bikinis will appeal to women of type hourglass, which usually wear a beanie hat smaller. For example, the high Skyler has an elasticated waistband to attach the top and has an adjustable back with minimal coverage. This top flattering is ideal, because it creates a neckline. In addition, the panties Gaia, who is their first model in bikini with semi-coverage and high waist give the look of buttocks more rounded. *Shop online at

If you’re the type H or rectangle – Mimi & August

Model : Chrissy Teigen

As a brand of ecological and hyper inclusive, Mimi & August will appeal to women to morphology in H whose shoulders and hips are of widths equal, and the size is less pronounced. The famous panties high waist refines the size. For example, the bottom of the jersey Paloma is more or less to the height of the navel and is directly deposited on the hips which makes it all the more comfortable. In addition, the panty fully covers the buttocks. The tops of various designs are also original with the models of headbands and bralettes, which highlight the chest. * Shop online at

If you are type O or round – Lili-les-Bains

Model : Lizzo

Since 1993, the claw quebec Lili-les-Bains offers collections of shirts for women with voluptuous curves. Of custom-made parts are available and high-quality fabrics are chosen with care. Models begin at size 8 up to size 22. It is a swimsuit perfect for women to the busts strong up to the cap H, which are looking for a piece that is suitable to their lifestyle and especially to their beauty! * Visit the

If you are of the V type or inverted pyramid – Othersea Bikini

Model : Meghan Markle

The idea for the morphology of the type V, or type of women’s athletic is to highlight the beautiful slender legs. The local brand, eco-friendly and sustainable Othersea Bikini enhances the model of its bottom-style TIGUIDOU that offers a coverage mid-cheek, which reveals just enough! The cup is inspired by the 80’s and baywatch to emphasize the fineness of the legs and hips. This is the perfect style for all girls sports. Comfort and support guaranteed! * Online shop only

If you’re the type 8 – Nana the brand of Marina Bastarache

Model : Beyoncé

This summer, the influenceuse Marina Bastarache has launched her own line of swimwear Nana the brand. His pieces are super modern and trendy, and will marry perfectly with the strengths of your small waist and your curves harmonious. Several models of its new collection, including her bikini with panties on, brazilian, and its top in triangle, flatter your curves luscious. The other senior galberont also the breasts generous women’s silhouette 8. * Available at Bikini Village

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