Five Ukrainian teams will take part in a handball competition next season

П'ять українських команд візьмуть участь у гандбольних єврокубках у майбутньому сезоні

Motor will play in the most prestigious handball tournament in Europe

The European handball Federation has published the list of all participants in the European Cup-2018/19.

The competition will feature five Ukrainian club, informs an official site of Federation of handball of Ukraine.

“Motor” (Zaporozhye) – Champions League

Zaporozhye “Motor” in the group stage of the Champions League will play in group b together with the clubs, “PSG” (France), “Peak Szeged” (Hungary), “Flensburg” (Germany), “SC rn” (Denmark), Zagreb (Croatia), “Celje” (Slovenia), Nantes (France).

The winners of groups A and b will directly reach the 1/4 finals. The teams ranked from second to sixth, will join the play-off 1/8 finals. The group stage will run from 12 September 2018 March 3, 2019.

ZTR (Zaporozhye) – the EHF Cup

Vice-champion of Ukraine, Zaporozhye ZTR will enter the EHF Cup. The tournament kicks off with first qualifying round. “ZTR” will fight for the second qualifying round (matches 6/7 and 13/14 October). The Cossacks need to overcome two qualifying rounds in order to reach the group stage. The draw for participants will take place on July 17.

“Donbass” (Donetsk region) and ZNTU-ZAB (Zaporozhye) – challenge Cup

Two Ukrainian clubs will perform in the challenge Cup. The tournament will start with the 1/32 finals. At this stage, will play the Zaporozhye ZNTU-ZAB (matches will take place on 6/7 and 13/14 October).

“Donbass” will come to grips with the 1/16 finals (matches – 17/18 and 24/25 November).

The draw for pairs challenge Cup will take place on July 17. The whole tournament including the finals, will consist of a confrontation of two matches “home – away”.

“Galichanka” (Lviv) – the EHF Cup

In the women’s handball competition of the season-2018/19 will be one Ukrainian team. Champion of Ukrainian super League have applied for participation in the EHF Cup.

“Galichanka” starts with the first qualifying round (matches 8/9 and 15/16 September). To qualify for the group stage, this team needs to overcome three rounds of qualifying. The draw for participants will take place on July 17.

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