Five wines of Chablis to liven up your summer

Cinq vins de Chablis pour agrémenter votre été

It is hot. It is beautiful. There is nothing better to quench the thirst that a small glass of chablis. By its palatability and its natural freshness, it is not only man’s best friend during a heat wave, but year-round !

Remember first that only the chardonnay is allowed to develop the wines of Chablis. The region is located just north of the Burgundy wine region and enjoys a relatively cool climate. It is mostly soil that distinguishes Chablis : the famous Kimméridgien, the name of the geologic era that dates back nearly 150 million years ago, and which corresponds in area to the drying of a warm sea. It also includes multiple banks of limestone, sometimes very rich in fossils, including exogyra virgula, a small oyster in the shape of a comma. This combination of climate and soil allows the berries of chardonnay to go for a good sugar content while retaining natural acidity important. The result is a white wine that combines liveliness, smoothness and aromatic strength in a balance almost perfect. We finally found these flavors typical of iodine — that many describe as the ” minerality “, with citrus, white fruit and flower. A word in closing about the price : yes, the wines of Chablis are a little more expensive than average, but the quality is almost always at the rendez-vous and the happiness of sipping a glass too.

Drink less. Drink better.

The Chablis, The Serene 2017, Chablis

23,45 $

France 12,5 %

1.7 g/l | ★★★ | $$1/2

SAQ Code : 565598

Founded in 1923, this dynamic wine co-operative has a membership of almost 300 producers and more than 1700 hectares of vineyards. The portfolio is impressive : fifteen premiers crus and six of the seven grands crus with, as standard-bearer, the famous Castle Frogs. Enjoying a vintage quality, vintage Serene gives a nose of floral and apricot accents chalky. Firm and lively, while showing a relation ample.
A classic not to be missed !

Samuel Billaud, The Great Terroirs 2018, Chablis

35,50 $

France 12,5 %

1.9 g/l| ★★★★ | $$$1/2

SAQ Code : 11890993

Samuel Billaud is part of the cream of producers in Chablis. This cuvée is a blend of two land parcels classified in the village and that are backed by the premiers crus. Expressive to perfection with notes of honey, wax, ginger, confit lemon and gunflint. A chardonnay full-bodied, vibrant and undeniable complexity. The wine is soft, elegant and quite good density. Generous and chalky in the finish. A chablis serious and greedy.

William Fèvre, Champs Royaux 2018, Chablis

29,20 $

France 12,5 %

2.5 g/l | ★★★1/2 | $$$

SAQ Code : 276436

Didier Séguier, the talented winemaker who runs the domain William Fèvre since 1998, is passionate and meticulous. It ensures to preserve the qualitative approach of respect for the terroirs in the center of the history of this great area. The vintage Champs Royaux has been created specifically for North America. The grapes come mainly from trading with 30 % of the domaine’s vines. The 2018 is less structured than the 2017, but beguiles the taster by his fruit intake and finesse. Another must.

Domain Alexandre, Petit Chablis 2018

22,05 $

France 12,5 %

1.3 g/l | ★★★ | $$1/2

SAQ Code : 13135781

The wines from Petit Chablis come from soil type Portlandien who happen to be the top layer of the Kimméridgien. The wines have a more fruity and floral without the iodine/saline. Blow of heart for the wine of the Domain of Alexander. The perfect example of Petit Chablis, which has nothing to envy to its big brothers. Flavors of pleasant white peach and lilac. It is bright, crystalline lens, quite wide, and salivating. Perfect with summer salads or alone as an aperitif.

Jean-Paul and Benoit Droin, Chablis 2018

34.75 to $

France 13 %

2.1 g/l| ★★★1/2 | $$$1/2

SAQ Code : 13888125

The Droin producing wines in Chablis for nearly 400 years. The field has 14 different wines, from Petit Chablis to Grand Cru. The vintage “village” stands out by its nose, slightly reductive on opening. A small passage in the carafe is enough to wake the perfumes. We guess the notes of seashell, warm, citrus and limestone. It is ample, while remaining nervous and precise. A very beautiful bottle that will do wonderfully well with sushi or indian cuisine.

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Less stars than dollars: the wine is expensive.

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