“Fixies”, the series “School” and “Evening quarter”: the top 10 most popular video in Ukraine to 2018

«Фиксики», сериал «Школа» и «Вечерний квартал»: топ-10 самых популярных видео в Украине в 2018 году

In Ukraine is still in demand Comedy and children’s content

Today Google introduced a traditional set of the most popular videos on Youtube.

“Scotch” has already talked about the most popular music videos on Youtube in the world and in Ukraine.

As for the non-music video content, then in 2018, leaders viewed in Ukraine became the 1st edition of the series “School” and the Russian Comedy “Dzidzio bass”. Also among Ukrainian users is still a popular Comedy and kids content and TV shows.

Top 10 most popular video in Ukraine to 2018:

  • School. 1 series
  • Dzidzio Bass (Full Hd)
  • The dad told the daughter to go to prom in a sexy dress – Diesel Show 2018 Humor ICTV
  • The premiere of the clip “Show Viki – Just” /// Vicki show
  • Yuriy Tkach – “I and Sarah” – choice blind – the Voice season 8
  • Fixies – Window / Fixiki
  • Skin, drunk, drug dealer Husband taught a parrot to talk New Evening Quarter 2018
  • Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Demis Karipidis Show “The Best”
  • Wash your hands Every Day – Kids songs – Educational cartoons for kids
  • Full release of the New Evening Quarter 2018 in Turkey on the 19th of may

Note that in the selection of the most popular videos 2018 were taken into account, the number, total time viewed, and the number of shipments, comments, likes, etc. in General.

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