“Flashwood” : Disjointed but promising…

«Flashwood» : Décousu mais prometteur...

With Flashwood, his first feature film as director that he has shot with several of his good friends-actors, Jean-Carl Boucher offers a unique work and unstitched, which paints the portrait of a youth that is looking for.

Product the traditional way, Flashwood puts in scene a band of young people who are bored and wandering aimlessly in their suburban bleak. Small bums without major, Luke (Pier-Luc Funk), Hugo (Antoine Desrochers), Chris (Laurent-Christophe de Ruelle) and Louis (Simon Pigeon) spend their days talking about everything and anything (but mostly sex), sipping on their bottles of beer and smoking joints.

The film which was shot in three stages over a period of seven years following the evolution of these characters over the summers as some of them begin to flirt with the middle of the organized crime.

Jean-Carl Boucher (the star of popular comedies 1981,1987 and 1991) was not hidden : he addressed the shooting of Flashwood as a “laboratory” to experiment with his friends actors he had already worked in the series Tactik and the films A summer without point or sure and 1987.

Of give ideas

Based on a chemistry that is already existing within the group of actors, the young director has created a film that relies heavily on improvisation and on the natural of the performers, but it lacks in its story thread. If some of the scenes offer pure moments of truth and authenticity, others have more or less interest and drag on unnecessarily. The result is necessarily uneven and disjointed, but we still perceive the promising talent of Jean-Carl Boucher behind the camera.

  • Flashwood (3/5)

A film by Jean-Carl Boucher

With Pier-Luc Funk, Simon Pigeon, Antoine Desrochers, Karelle Tremblay and Laurent-Christophe de Ruelle

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