Flavors of yesteryear

Flavors of yesteryear


First published in 1950, this quintessentially English novel is pure delight! 

The plot of this delightful novel takes place in 1947, and right from the start it will be known that something terrible has happened in Pendizack Bay, Cornwall. Weakened by the explosion of a drifting sea mine, an enormous mass of rock was indeed detached from the cliff, and as a result, the family pension which was just below was completely buried – and destroyed.

Fortunately, there will be several survivors. However, as there would have been no point in naming them at this stage of the story because none of the characters are yet familiar to us, the author will return a few days before the tragedy, when the Hôtel du Manoir de Pendizack was still up, and taking the time to introduce us to his heroes with a good dose of British humour!

A funny skewer

There was a time when the Siddals had money. But after losing everything, they had the idea of ​​converting their seaside house into a hotel, and now they welcome holidaymakers every summer who want to come and stay with them. 

The 1947 vintage will thus be particularly colorful: a couple unable to cope with the death of their granddaughter, a family whose mother must follow a special diet authorizing crème fraîche, game or lobster, an unbearable canon and his half-crazed daughter, a renowned writer with a weakness for handsome young men, a penniless widow and her three starving kids, a housekeeper as lazy as she is dirty… A small delight, and until the end we will really wish that the best d 'among them not perish crushed under the stones.


Blackwater, tome 5 – Fortune

Because it is as addictive as it is surprising, the Blackwater series now has a very large following. With volumes 5 and 6, respectively titled La fortune and Pluie, we will thus be able to know the continuation (and the end, alas!) of the adventures of the extremely wealthy Caskey clan. Written in the early 1980s, an incredible family saga to take on vacation.

Triumph of the Lions

Another saga that has the wind in its sails: that of the Florio, an Italian family who started from nothing and made their fortune in Palermo, in western Sicily. This second volume of the trilogy focuses mainly on the career of young Ignazio who, unfortunately, does not seem to have inherited his father's business bump. No big deal, because the magic continues to operate and we absolutely want to know the rest!

150 funny expressions to cultivate your garden

If you have a green thumb and spend a lot of time outdoors, maybe you'll want to cultivate yourself a little by discovering all kinds of expressions related to the garden. Some are very well known (stand in a row, cut the grass underfoot…), but others could really surprise us. “Sweeten the strawberries” or “have the melon”, for example! 

125 brain-warming challenges

To occupy your mind or change your mind during the holidays, we will find in this little book no less than 125 games that will make our neurons work hard! Arrow mazes, puzzles, logic problems, codes to decipher, riddles, riddles to solve… You really have to think twice before you can answer, and overall, the exercises are not easy!

Chills guaranteed

The Night Whistler

Australia, 1966. Due to a dark, ill-solved murder case, Mick Goodenough (pronounced Good-No) has recently been transferred to Moorabool, a small outback town where he is always reminded that he is no longer commissioner, but simple officer on probation. And as such, he must spend most of his time handing out tickets or writing boring reports.

Hal Humphries is also new in town. His father having landed an important position at Prime Foods, one of the companies in the region, the whole family has been forced to follow even if there is not much to do in this stifling corner of the country where the Aborigines are still perceived as less than nothing. 

A potential killer

Hanging out with his little brother near an old caravan abandoned, Hal will discover the body of a dog that has visibly been martyred. This will quickly put Goodenough's senses on alert. In the vicinity, several other domestic animals have been found mutilated, and according to the most recent research in psychology, many sadistic psychopaths start by killing animals before moving on to human beings…

< p>A noir novel whose atmosphere, era and, of course, history!