Fleeing from a plate of dead chicken caught on video

Something similar could happen if the nerve endings of poultry are still functioning, writing in the network

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Убегающая из тарелки мертвая курица попала на видео

The chicken ran from the dish cooks in the United States

In one of the restaurants in Miami, the us managed to capture on video, like a piece of chicken meat (though the network has put forward several versions of what it could be) runs directly from the dish cooks. The details of the curious incident revealed the edition LadBible.

Published on the Internet footage can be seen lying on the plate of raw meat. Suddenly it starts to move and runs away. One of the users suggested that the meat was probably so fresh that the muscles of birds are still moving reflexively.

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“Honestly, it’s one of the strangest videos I have ever seen,” wrote one of the users. “I’m not a expert at animals, but I think it’s some kind of obsessed with meat that does not want to be eaten, right?” – asked the second.

Some commentators have noticed that something similar could happen if the nerve endings of the animal are still functioning. Others argue that the way the meat responds to the pickle, “something like we saw in the viral clip, which seems to be a dead squid suddenly returned to life.” By the way, many commentators agreed that this video an ordinary fake.

Recall, this is not the first such case. Previously we blew the video where the little crab tried to escape from the chef. In addition, we are told how on the Russian Sakhalin mink stole from the fisherman his prey.

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