Flight of opioids at a pharmacy in Trois-Rivières

Vol d'opioïdes dans une pharmacie de Trois-Rivières

Suspects are being actively sought, on Thursday at Three Rivers, following a theft of narcotics in a Jean Coutu pharmacy located at the corner of boulevard des Forges and Channels.

According to information from TVA Nouvelles, a large amount of anxiolytics, benzodiazepines and opioids, such as dilaudid, methadone and fentanyl, have been stolen.

The break-in and theft had occurred in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. These are the employees of the pharmacy that would have made the discovery around 7: 45 Thursday morning. The police, forensic identification officers and investigators of the police of Trois-Rivières have passed the stage at a fine-toothed comb.

The inventory of the medicines in the pharmacy has been conducted to determine the exact quantity of narcotics was stolen. The video tapes of the surveillance cameras will also be viewed.

Concern with stakeholders

In the centres of therapy which aim to help people with addiction problems, the stakeholders do not hide their concern. These medicines the wrong hands can wreak havoc.

“All the more that since the pandemic with the closing of borders, it becomes extremely difficult for drug dealers to supply their substance. Therefore, the drug is sold twice as dear in our streets and with this flight, there could be mixtures hazardous. The risks of overdose are very high,” laments the director-general of the House of Carignan, Valérie Piché.

Nearly 4000 deaths have been attributed to overdoses of opioids in Canada in 2017.

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