Flight of the 596 silver bullion in Montreal: police seeking information

Vol de 596 lingots d’argent à Montréal: la police en quête d’information

Investigators from the Montreal police rely on the public to help them find the perpetrators of a bold robbery of the 596 silver bullion worth more than $ 10 million that occurred last winter, in Montreal.

The crime was committed on January 20, on the ground transportation company located in the borough of LaSalle.

According to the authorities, the suspects allegedly took possession of the cargo using forged documents. They were then simply left the premises with the container containing the hundreds of gold ingots.

Authorities have not said who owned the loot stolen.

Anyone with information about this theft is asked to call 911 or to contact Info-Crime at 514 393-1133. A reward of $ 2000 is offered for any information that would allow an arrest in this case.

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