FLIP Fabrique: a very dynamic recreation

FLIP Fabrique: a very dynamic recreation


On tour in the parks of six boroughs of Quebec, FLIP Fabrique reaches out to people with a brand new show called Récréation< strong>. A small colorful and dynamic bubble of about thirty minutes where we find all the DNA of the circus troupe which celebrates its 10th anniversary. >

FLIP Fabrique launched, last week, at the Domaine de Maizerets, a series of 46 performances offered free of charge by September 4. 

There was a good crowd for this premiere which took place on a superb day under a totally blue sky and with many families on the grass.

Directed by Olivier Normand, who had signed that of the Féria show – The attraction, at Jean-Béliveau Park, Recreation begins with a bell that rings and signifies the end of classes.

A stepped structure, which represents a condensed version of a gymnasium, with a basketball hoop, a playing surface, a climbing wall and a storage space, is the base where the eight artists of the Quebec troupe evolve.


We hear gym noises, and chairs are thrown. A student with a unicorn head is on the roof of the structure. Recreation is on.

Spectacular pirouettes

We dance, jump rope, do pirouettes to electro-pop music by Josué Beaucage , with the voice of Sensei H. Tori Boggs performs some very spectacular pirouettes on the skipping rope. Boxing and basketball elements are incorporated.

FLIP Fabrique's signature element, the trampo-wall is very present throughout the show, bringing good aerial segments. On the top of the structure, Justine Musseau defies the laws of gravity with a balancing act and contortionist act. 

The artists then perform on the Korean board, before the bell rings again to end recess.

The new adventure of FLIP Fabrique is a different show from those presented in the past at the Agora and at Place Jean-Béliveau. The infrastructures, which are more compact, must be removable and easily transportable from park to park.

The idea, with this edition financed by the City of Quebec, is to animate and energize the neighborhoods of Quebec City. The result is a very nice little pocket show “à la FLIP Fabrique”. 

Récréation is presented on August 13, 14 and 15 at the Parc de la Commune in the Charlesbourg borough. The walking tour will continue at Parc Jules-Émond (August 17 and 18), Maison O'Neil (August 19, 20 and 22), Parc des Écores (August 24 and 25), Kiwanis Park (26 to 28 August) and at Place Jean-Béliveau (August 31 to September 4). Performances take place at 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

♦ The show is presented rain or shine, unless there are strong winds or a thunderstorm. All information is online at flipfabrique.com.