FlipNpik: a social network to promote local businesses

FlipNpik: un réseau social pour promouvoir les commerces locaux

The quebec-based company Geekco Technologies has just launched FlipNpik, a mobile app-style social network that has as mission to promote the businesses here.

This new social network, built by the community, provides visibility to local merchants so that they can reach a maximum of potential customers. FlipNpik, whose spokesman is actor Jason Roy-Léveillé, also wants to be a commercial platform that offers users real rewards in the form of exclusive deals.

Users can view FlipNpik to give their opinion on shopping, share photos and discover thanks to the geolocation what types of shops are near them.

“FlipNpik, it is an innovative solution for merchants, because it not only allows them to be visible and discovered, but it boosts above all their visibility,” says Jason Roy-Léveillé. “It is the only platform that rewards users for being active and encourage buying local. ”

When you install FlipNpik, you must answer a short questionnaire to determine your consumer habits and preferences. Your account will then be matched with ambassadors locals who share your interests. You can use their recommendations or simply do your own research and in the application.

Each sheet trade contains all of the information and several photos shared by the community. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents in photo culinary!

Nadira Hajjar, co-founder of Geekco Technologies, indicates that the application launch is only a beginning and that other features will arrive soon, including an interactive map and filters to identify businesses that offer services in the shop, the delivery, the pick up in store or online services.

“Very soon, we will enable businesses to integrate their shops in rows to enable users to directly make their purchases on online stores shops. Then, for companies that do not have shops in rows, we are going to integrate the ability to make purchases directly from the app, ” explains Hajjar.

The catalog is, for the moment, separated in five categories: eat and drink, shop, move, entertain, and sleep.

“All the little shops in the neighbourhood that can be found in one of these categories can register. Currently, only those who have a physical address that can do it, but very soon we are going to allow craftsmen who do not have physical stores to register their online shops “, says Nadira Hajjar.

The application FlipNpik can be downloaded right now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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