Florence Longpré is the face of the 27th REGARD festival

Florence Longpré is the face of the 27th REGARD festival

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The REGARD festival – international short film festival in Saguenay – has just unveiled its spokesperson: Florence Longpré. “If you are lucky enough to be able to travel and come, it's extraordinary, because if you fall in love with a short film, it lasts a lifetime”, says the actress who is currently working on her first short. footage. 

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REGARD has been courting Florence Longpré for three years, but her busy schedule prevented her from being able to accept being the face of the Saguenay Short Film Festival. This year is the right one as the 39-year-old actress, who is a big fan of television and cinema, is happy “to be on leave to watch films”, she says with a laugh. The event will take place in Saguenay from March 22 to 26.

“I will spend the week there and I intend to see as many films as possible”, explains the co-author of the superb series Raspberry Time, whose writing for season 2 has just been completed. be completed. There is a big aura around this festival which is a great artistic encounter. It's also a chance to find yourself in this large pool of creators gathered in the same place, it's really great! »

She doesn't know how many films she will have time to watch in a week, but we can feel her stamping her feet with impatience to see those of certain colleagues and friends, those from elsewhere in the world and those pre-selected for her by the organization which already has a few favourites.

“I will be there just for the love of short films, continues the actress, screenwriter, author who wishes to add to her CV the titles of director of short and feature films. I'm only in the infancy of the thing (her first short film which she prefers to keep silent about for the moment), I'm finishing writing it and I want to see if I'm going to enjoy directing. I feel like trying it. In short, it is a very fun and dizzying exercise. »

His observation today is that a short, like a feature film, is a work in itself, with the same intensity. And that the subject matter and the scope are no less serious because it is a short film.

“We are talking about the same scope, adds the co-author of the award-winning series Audrey is back. It reminded me that it's a lot of improvisation, where I come from elsewhere, I who started doing it in secondary 1. Telling in vignettes and getting into a space-time quickly, I I always liked that and I found that in the short film. It's quickly getting into a story and I really like that. »

On March 25, during the festival, the actress will take part in a long interview with Manon Dumais. They will talk about her professional experiences and, certainly, her upcoming projects, including the film she has just finished writing and which will have required her years of work. “We just dropped it off,” she adds. We are waiting for answers. »

The actress will also act as co-director on another of her projects, once again kept very mysterious. As for season 2 of the series Raspberry Time, part of the filming will take place in February and another this summer. We still don't know the official release date.

Only 33 passports remain on presale for the REGARD festival. The films of the festival will also be presented online (from March 27 to April 9) for moviegoers who will not be able to travel to Saguenay.

Tickets, schedule and programming: https://linktr.ee/festivalregard