Florida Python caught giant

Во Флориде пойман питон-гигант

Во Флориде пойман питон-гигант

Florida Python caught giant

The photo — record long dark tiger Python!

8 APR 2019 14:15

In the reserve of Big Sypress National Preserve (South Florida) has been found and killed by a female dark tiger Python (lat. Python bivittatus) weighing 63 kg and a length of 5.1 m. Inside was 7З eggs.

In fact, these reptiles are among the largest on the planet: the famous and the 6-foot specimens. For Park Big Sypress National Preserve newly caught snake was the largest (usually there are individuals 2-3 meters in length).

Experts are involved in the search and capture of pythons in order to contain the spread of invasive species. The birthplace of the dark tiger Python – Asia, and in Florida the reptile was accidentally is that in the 1980-ies of the private owners released the animals into the wild. In addition, in 1992, hurricane “Andrew” destroyed the kennel where they kept exotic animals, and the number of dangerous reptiles in the wild have increased.

Perfect climate and no enemies allowed the snake to proliferate and occupy new territory. Large and dangerous predators destroyed the natural food chain. According to 2012, for 15 years of the presence of reptiles in Florida, populations of raccoons dropped 99.3 percent, opossums – at 98.9%, wild boar – 87.5%.

In the Park Big Sypress National Preserve wrestling with pythons is conducted on a new principle: the pythons-males attach radio transmitters, and when the reptile finds a female for procreation – you can catch just two individuals. In addition, authorities are asking local residents to report encounters with pythons and actively distribute licenses to capture.


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