Florida: the favorite addresses of actress Julie du Page between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale

Florida: the favorite addresses of actress Julie du Page between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale


Julie du Page, whom we take pleasure in following in her role as police officer Sophie Duhamel in 5 e Rank, knows Florida well since for 15 years, the actress has been staying there regularly.

Whether it's for long vacations or short getaways, the actress, columnist and muse of Lancôme in Quebec enjoys the condo her parents bought in Hillsboro Beach, a small, quiet beach community just south of Boca. Raton.

His photo album is filled with treasured memories of all his family vacations in manatee country. 

“My son was barely a year old when we first came, and it was in the pool at my parents' condo that he learned to swim. It is also in Florida that we celebrated memorable New Year's Days as a family. I also remember those long, peaceful naps that my children took when they were very young under the palm trees, with that pleasant little breeze, and all those times when we went shellfish hunting. The kids were so happy… Moments I will remember all my life…” the 49-year-old said.

Change of scenery

In Florida, you might well come across Julie du Page cycling on the A1A, on a golf course or at the beach. 

“I love swimming in the sea, reading a good book on the beach or taking long walks with my feet in the water, very simple pleasures, but which do so much good… And even if it doesn't is not Bostwana, it's still nice to change scenery and see all these palm trees, this extraordinary light, and these magnificent sunrises and sunsets, and all that just three hours by plane from Montreal, ” she explained. 

Julie du Page and her husband, Andrew Lapierre, with their two children, Billie and Augustin.

Finally, another attraction of Florida for the mother of two teenagers is that there are always activities to do with the family, even in the event of bad weather, whether discovering museums, a zoo, or simply going to the cinema.

“On a rainy day, you don't feel like you're trapped in a Caribbean island resort, watching the rain fall…”, she said.

And to share his moments of simple happiness, here are some of his good addresses at the Sunshine State… 

Mizner Park, Boca Raton

Mizner Park in Boca Raton.

Mizner Park, with its charming gardens and fountains, offers great shopping and dining right in the heart of Boca Raton. I like the atmosphere that reigns there and I find it particularly nice to walk there to do some window shopping, especially since the architecture is particularly pretty. 

It is also an ideal place to relax and have a drink on the terrace or enjoy a good meal. We usually opt for the Italian restaurant Villagio or the Max's Grille. It's not necessarily haute cuisine, but the menu served is honest.

In addition, a few times during the year a small market is held there, reminiscent of fairs in Europe. This is also where I bought a beautiful dress worn during a press event organized by Lancôme and which allowed me to meet Lily Collins! A dress bought for the modest sum of $40, so you don't always have to invest huge sums to be well dressed! 

In short, Mizner Park is a place that brings people together, friendly, without fuss ! We spent several beautiful New Year's Days there with family and friends! 

Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi, Fort Lauderdale

The Water Taxi in Fort Lauderdale.

One of the best ways to explore Fort Lauderdale's canals and gaze at the beautiful, opulent residences is by Water Taxi. This activity is pleasant to do, especially at sunset. Of course, as these boats circulate relatively close to residences, it feels a bit like playing the voyeur, but it's still fun to pass in front of these houses of millionaires or well-known personalities (the captain gives comments about it during the trip) and to zieuter a little! Do not hesitate to rent your own boat either, it will allow you to go at your own pace and even to go a little north to Lake Boca Raton, on the way you will pass in front of Cher's house! 

Pop's Fish Market, Deerfield Beach

Pop's Fish Market in Deerfield Beach.

A must-visit when I'm in Florida is Pop's Fish Market in Deerfield Beach, a family business founded over 60 years ago. Granted, their products are a little more expensive than elsewhere, but when you want to pay for milking and cook a good fish meal at home, this is where you have to shop! I always take the opportunity to buy their local fish and shrimp – the best I have eaten in my life – and, of course, when in season, their famous stone crab(snow crab), a real treat! As for how to prepare the fish, I like it cooked simply in the oven or wrapped in foil on the BBQ, with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, without forgetting to add a fillet of lime or lemon. I like fish to taste like fish! 

Kaluz, Fort Lauderdale

The Kaluz restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

I have never been disappointed at the Kaluz restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Their fish, ceviches and fried calamari are excellent! In addition, the view from the terrace on the Intracoastal with all the boats circulating there is sublime! Sometimes, there are even customers who dock their boat to come and have a bite to eat! This is a place to visit at sunset, the view is even more spectacular. 

Osprey Point Golf Course, Boca Raton

The Osprey Point Golf Course in Boca Raton.

My whole family plays golf, including my children who have been playing it since they were little. For a long time, my role was to caddy for everyone! I got tired of it and decided to give it a go too! I'm not a big gamer, but I enjoy it. I took lessons with golf pro Pierre St-Jacques, who has been coaching me for two years. He gave me a bunch of amazing stuff. My parents introduced me to a beautiful golf course, Osprey Point Golf, in Boca Raton. I find it aesthetically more beautiful than the others. It is well manicured and nicely sported. We enjoy going there as a family.

Everglades National Park

Explore the Everglades by hovercraft.

When you visit Florida, you absolutely must discover the Everglades, and why not by hovercraft, an activity that children love! Although it's very safe, it's still exotic, if not a little scary, to find yourself in the middle of nowhere with alligators, but it totally transports us to another universe! An experience that made me live unforgettable moments with my family. I also remember the ambient sound in the swamps. A deaf and unique sound, specific to this place that I have never heard elsewhere… I am very sensitive to the sounds that surround me…