Florida: You'll still be able to see window dogs on the roads

Florida: You will still be able to see the dogs out the window on the roads


Dogs will be able to continue sticking their heads out of owners' car windows in Florida after a bill to ban it was dropped. 

Proposed by Democratic Senator Lauren Book, the bill sought to prohibit drivers from allowing a “dog to lay its head or any other body part outside a motor vehicle window while the person the conduit”, reported the American channel “Fox News”.

This idea came to him from veterinarians who often have to treat unintentional injuries that have occurred when the animal sticks its head out in the middle of the road.

Following this proposal, Ms. Book has received numerous complaints, some even comparing her to Cruella de Vil, from “101 Dalmatians”.

“It is very clear that people don't like this provision, the senator said. […] You would think that's the only thing in the bill.”

Meanwhile, Lauren Book intends to find a solution to the problems raised by the veterinarians. “In the meantime, let's all invest in a good pair of doggles to keep our furry friends safe.”