Flying object shot down in Alaska: Justin Trudeau says he “approved” of the operation

Flying object shot down in Alaska: Justin Trudeau says he


Justin Trudeau says he “approved of the decision to act” after the United States shot down “a high-flying object” over Alaska on Friday.

“Today an object that violated US airspace was shot down. I have been informed of the file and I have approved the decision to act. Our military and intelligence services will always work together, including through NORAD, to protect people,” the prime minister said on Twitter.

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is the threat detection system operated in the north of the continent by Canada and the United States.

Few details have emerged so far. 'now, but the US National Security spokesman said the object, which was the size of a 'small car', was flying at an altitude of 12,000 meters, or around the maximum altitude generally allowed for commercial aircraft.

The object posed “a threat to the safety of air traffic,” spokesman John Kirby said.

Detected Thursday evening over Alaska, it was destroyed by order of President Joe Biden Friday morning.

“The object did not enter Canadian airspace,” Defense Minister Anita Anand said Friday evening.

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  • During a telephone conversation with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and NORAD Commander General Glen VanHerck, Ms. Anad said she “expressed support of Canada to take action to shoot down this object”.

    Last week, a Chinese balloon flying at a much higher altitude was shot down by the United States in the Atlantic, after having flew over the country from west to east, passing in particular over confidential military sites s.