Flying objects: extraterrestrials, globalist conspiracy… the conspiracy theorists are having a field day

Flying objects: aliens, globalist conspiracy... conspiracy theorists get it on joy


While nothing is ruled out at this stage regarding the origin of the recent flying object shot down over Lake Huron, some are already fantasizing about a future encounter with the little green men.. .or the beginnings of a new global conspiracy.

The Pentagon has confirmed that the “octagonal” object shot down on Sunday does not resemble the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that was destroyed off the Atlantic coast on February 4. And today, the White House claimed to have observed no indication of extraterrestrial activity.

Nevertheless, these are the words of General Glen VanHerck, Chief of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD ), who raised the flea in their ears.

The latter wished to remain evasive on the nature of this object, like those shot down recently in the north of the American continent. 

“I'll let intelligence and counterintelligence answer that question,” VanHerck told reporters when asked if it was possible the objects were extraterrestrials, concluding that he didn't. there is “nothing ruled out at this stage”.


With each such event, the question of possible contact with an extraterrestrial civilization resurfaced. Here, it may be in the form of a supposed joke, like that of Elon Musk yesterday on Twitter.

“Don't worry, these are just a few of my friends who are passing…”, he wrote.

Or it could be in the form of the testimonies of the pilots who shot down these objects over North America. 

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According to CNN, they have never seen this kind of object.

For some of such remarks are sufficient to sow doubt as to an extraterrestrial origin or not of these objects. 

For others, such a claim is “stupid”, especially when one has to take into account the technology needed to operate interstellar travel.

The answer may actually be simpler. As General VanHerck explains, the choice not to call the newer ones balloons is actually deliberate. 

“We call them objects for a reason. I am not able to categorize how they stay in the air,” he explains.

And as History Channel star Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, “The Alien Guy” reminds us, UFO (unidentified flying object) does not necessarily mean object from another world.

“It's like UFO news has its own Super Bowl (…). Unidentified flying objects are not necessarily unidentified extraterrestrial objects,” he explains.

The attempt at conspiratorial recovery

For several hours, several heralds of the conspiratorial sphere have argued that these “objects” are in fact only decoys used by the elites and the great powers to simulate a global extraterrestrial invasion in order to force the formation of a world government.

The hashtag #ProjectBlueBeam is increasingly accompanying media coverage of events on social media.

At the heart of this conspiracy theory is the 1994 conspiracy book by late author Serge Monaste – Project Blue Beam, and a speech by former US President Ronald Reagan held in 1987. 

For Monaste, NASA, big power agencies and elites have been preparing for this “tribulation” for many years. Proof of this would be this speech by Reagan in which the ex-president claimed that the differences between the peoples of the Earth would quickly disappear if we were to face an extraterrestrial threat.

For conspiratorial circles, while COVID and other “crises”, for them invented from scratch, “would no longer work”, governments must create a new event to push us to accept “the new world order (in English “New World Order”, or “NWO”).

As a reminder, many scholars have recalled that the basis of this “NWO” theory remains above all anti-Semitic.

And meanwhile, the saga of balloons and other objects discovered at high altitude continues unabated.

• With information from AFP