Foligno is a fear of reprimands

The captain of the Blue Jackets of Columbus Nick Foligno wants to ensure that athletes, who decide not to play at the possible resumption of activities in the national hockey League (NHL) are not penalized.

“If they do not feel safe, I believe that there must be a way for these guys will not be reprimanded, he said in an interview with TSN. Nobody will be watching you (negatively) for not wanting to come back.”

“If you do not feel safe because of a condition or simply to a belief, you have every right as a human to not return to play until you feel comfortable,” added the attacker.

Foligno, a veteran of 32 years, has not indicated whether it was part of the skaters do not feel comfortable coming back to the action. A little earlier this week, however, he said, “there will be battle,” if someone told him that he could not see his family when the NHL will begin its recovery.

The circuit Bettman has adopted a return format of 24 teams that will compete in the playoffs. The NHL would have also mentioned that it would be launching not training camps with the 10 July. When and if the playoffs will be launched, the Blue Jackets face the Toronto Maple Leafs during the qualification round.

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