Follow instructions: it is necessary to frequently remind them of the rules, say officials of camping

Respect des consignes: il faut fréquemment rappeler les règlements, disent des responsables de camping

Managers of camping grounds in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean argued that they must constantly remind their customers of the guidelines of the public health.

“The COVID still exists even in camping,” said Michel Galarneau, director of camping Belley, which is located in Saint-Henri-de-Taillon.

On Monday, Quebec announced that there would be more inspections in the camps, mainly to ensure that the port of the mask. For his part, Mr. Galarneau includes this warning.

“We knew that we enlignait to it, he explained. We were prepared to have inspections.”

Since the opening of the web site, he notes: it is necessary to frequently remind them of the rules. “When people go camping, they think they are in a bubble of glass, to the shelter of [the] COVID”, he confided, in an interview with TVA News.

Mathieu Brassard, director of Camping Jonquière, made the same observation. “People, when they enter the campground, it is a different atmosphere. It should be reminded often of the rules”, he said.

Employee at camping Belley, Samuel Vaillancourt is involved in a number of occasions. “I have to average responses 60 times per day, he confided. People are working together, but they are on vacation and may quickly forget the rules of estrangement.”

Beaches, bonfires, reunions, family dinners: these places are in fact conducive to gatherings.

“The camping, it is a place that was festive, said Michel Galarneau. The adults are on land which is glued together. They meet year after year. It’s always the same gang. They often want to dinner together, and they have to be separated.”

The campers quickly forgotten also wearing a mask… Especially the citizens of the region. “It is remote area, we have many campers who come to Montreal for the holidays, the construction, and these people are already aware of,” pointed out the director of camping Belley.

“The people with whom I have the most misery, it is the local, because we, in the Lac-Saint-Jean, said: “we do not have a case!” But then, people get mixed up, and we need to be careful all the same”, he added.

“We need to be careful, if you don’t want the camping season to be shortened,” said Samuel Vaillancourt.

“The little more that the government asks us, we will do so. The goal is always the same: it is that the camping season is not shortened, that the next is better,” said of his side, Mathieu Brassard.

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