Following the announcements of Trump, China remains silent

Au lendemain des annonces de Trump, la Chine reste silencieuse

BEIJING | China had not responded on Saturday to announcements from the us president, Donald Trump for the asian giant in a context of tensions, while the media in Beijing focused on the violence in Minneapolis.

In a statement the firm tone, but limited in detail, the tenant of the White House on Friday announced the United States suspension of the entry on their territory of chinese nationals with a “risk” potential for the security of the country.

Mr. Trump has also asked the administration to put an end to the exemptions granted to Hong Kong within the framework of its special relationship with the United States, to denounce a controversial law on the national security desired by the Chinese autonomous territory.

These ads are involved in a climate of explosive with Beijing, regularly accused by the u.s. president to be responsible for the spread on the world of the new coronavirus.

China had in the immediate future, no comment, no more than the ministry of foreign Affairs contacted by AFP.

The Global Times, a daily in a tone decidedly nationalist, was complaining that for his part “a press conference full of lies” about Hong Kong, in an editorial published in both chinese and English.

The newspaper was one of the few to dwell on the topic, while the majority of the official media focused on the violence in Minneapolis in the United States, consecutive to the death of a black man during an arrest this week.

The public television broadcaster CCTV spent the opening, and a large part of his journal Saturday early in the afternoon.

And the images of the arrest in full direct a team from the american news channel CNN the day before were played in loop.

The official news agency new China insisted his side on ” racial division that continues to tear american society “.

On the social network Weibo, the restrictions on visas for chinese students announced by Donald Trump did, however, react.

“The strength of the United States comes from its attractiveness for talents, and sooner or later they will suffer “, considered an internet user.

“Nowadays, nobody wants to go to the United States,” mocked another.

The american president is, however, remained evasive on the exact scope of this decision, and on the number of students who could be involved.

Another user was complaining about her “interference” by Donald Trump about Hong Kong, according to him, “look away from the Americans,” of the pandemic, which has claimed more than 100 000 deaths in the United States.

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