Footage of the arrest of a gang who robbed a market in Odessa. Video

Кадры задержания банды, ограбившей рынок в Одессе. Видео

In Odessa, the gang robbed the night market

In Odessa law enforcement authorities detained a group of thieves who stole one of the containers with shoes on a Promrynka 7 km away, reported the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

That in the market in the evening, there are six suspicious persons, the police said the security guard. The police arrived on call, found the thieves for the download of stolen property in the car. The attackers picked up the keys to the locks of the container and intended to go to the next, but was caught by the police.

It is noted that all the detainees are natives of Bolgrad district at the age from 27 to 34 years, one of which was already prosecuted for the same offence.

All six were taken to Avangardovskoye police Department. They seized the stolen property, and multiple keyrings.

The question on election of a preventive measure in the form of detention. Also, the investigation continues.


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