Footage of the effects of a deadly hurricane “Florence” in the United States. Video

Кадры последствий смертельного урагана "Флоренс" в США. Видео

The city went under water

On Friday, September 14, hurricane “Florence” reached the Eastern coast of the United States: at the moment we know five of the victims. writes the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Half a million people were left without electricity 26 thousand people were forced to leave their homes and stay in shelters, about 60 people were evacuated from the hotel in Jacksonville, North Carolina, after part of the roof collapsed, more than a thousand flights cancelled.

Catastrophic flooding is expected on the mainland over the next few days. According to the forecasts, the waves can cover almost all of the Carolina coast the water level about 3.5 meters.

The Wilmington airport recorded wind speeds of 169 miles per hour, the largest since hurricane Helen in 1958.

According to officials, more than half a million people urged to evacuate, however it is unknown how many still followed the.

It is also noted that five deaths in North Carolina were associated with the hurricane “Florence”. In particular, a tree fell on a house, killing a mother and child. Dad pulled out and was taken to a local hospital with injuries.

One of the deaths occurred in the County of Lenoir, when 78-year-old man hooked up the generator.

The fourth victim is a 77-year-old man, who, according to family members died due to the fact that he blew a strong gust of wind when he was walking his dogs.

The fifth death, indirectly related to the hurricane: the woman who called the ambulance, died of a heart attack because emergency crews were not able to reach it because of the trees that fell on the road.

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