Footage of the evacuation helicopters from the ship in Norway. Video

Кадры эвакуации людей вертолетами с лайнера в Норвегии. Видео

Rescuers prepare to tow the vessel to the nearest portthere was a video of the helicopter evacuation of people from the cruise ship Viking Sky, adrift off the coast of Norway, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

It is reported that 397 has already evacuated people from 1373. Rescuers prepare to tow the vessel to the nearest port.

Earlier it was reported that evacuated 297 passengers. Ten victims were taken to hospital. Most of the passengers were Americans and British. Involved in evacuation helicopters and rescue vessels.

Also note that the liner managed to run three of the four engines, this demonstrates the ability of a vessel to maneuver, however, the situation is complicated by strong winds.


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