Football: after the painful defeat at the Antonins against Versailles (0-1), the notes of the Crocos

Football: after the painful defeat at the Antonins against Versailles (0-1), the notes of the Crocos

Hamza Sbaï and the Nîmes may have lost a little more than a match against Versailles… FREE MIDI – MIKAËL ANISSET

Beaten by a Versailles goal in the 85th minute, Nîmes Olympique is more difficult than ever, 14th and stuck in the red zone. Even if nothing is lost, remaining in National is far from won.

Paradowski (7) : Saved by his left post on the head of Francilien Diakhaby a quarter of an hour into game, he proved decisive twice subsequently, firstly stopping the resumption of Versailles Lens (74th) before brilliantly stopping the attempt at close range from Nadje, where he has a firm hand and closes his angle well (80th).

Sbaï (5): he found a starting place in the absence of Labonne (injured) and Burner (return). As always, he worked tirelessly. Like his training, he fell back further during the second act, suffering from opposing pressure. His tense cross for Camara would have deserved a better fate, the crocodile attacker missing his control (75th).

Diouf (5) : after a slightly more delicate period, we found the Waly Diouf of his beginnings with NO . Sharp in his interventions, vigilant, the former Versaillais accomplished a successful performance, giving confidence to the rookie Lamgahez in the axis. 

Lamgahez (3): following the joint absences of captain Mendy (suspended) and Paviot (injured), he had his first start, at the same time as his first match sheet in the National. For 85 minutes, he was imperious in the post. Calm, sober and clean in the restart, the native of Nîmes did not miss anything. Until this harmless restart towards Diouf where his axial pass, unsteady and too soft, is intercepted by Baaloudj, who beats Paradowski closely (0-1, 85th). Hard, hard, learning…

Diallo (5) : we saw him a lot during the first ten minutes, the game mainly passing through his left side, doubling in particular with Khalid. More discreet thereafter and logically replaced by Sy twenty minutes from the end (72nd).

Camara (3): as generous in the effort and defensive withdrawal as sometimes messy and imprecise with the ball at his feet, like this poorly adjusted cross which could have been dangerous (36th). At the initiative of a dangerous counter-attack which ends in a corner (41st). In the second half, Nîmes' biggest scoring opportunity was created on a cross from Sbai where the ball escaped his control, alone six meters in front of the goalkeeper (75th). Delpech came to his relay (79th).

Mexico (4): he was less decisive than in recent weeks, when he had aligned the top-flight performances in the middle. In his defensive role, he first sought to secure his team's restarts, failing to always be sharp in the offensives. Overall too neutral.

Picouleau (4):In the absence of Doukansy (injured), he played a more defensive role than usual, playing alongside Mexico in front of the defense. Raked a good number of balls and often tried, and succeeded, to break the lines in the midfield. His shot, from twenty meters, is too lively (17th). Good defensive effort when he takes over Versailles Nadje, who started in a counter rush (83rd).

Khalid (5): for his second match sheet (after Orléans) and his first start in the championship, he tried to bring danger and animation in his left lane, especially in the first period. His fleeing and dangerous center leads to a corner (6th). His other offering, enveloped, is poorly exploited by Mbemba on the biggest scoring opportunity of the initial act, the player on loan from Dunkirk crossing his head too much (41st). Less impactful after the break. Elusive with the reserve in R1, it is necessarily no longer the same story in National. Substituted by Thoumin (62nd).

Doucouré (3) : we only saw too much of it during the initial half hour, this which is never a good sign when you play center forward. At the heart of a modular two-headed attack (with Mbemba), the former Strasbourg player lacked cutting edge. Replaced by Mbina (3) at the break (45th). The Congolese international did what he could on the attacking front during a period where NO suffered more than pressed.

Mbemba (4) : procrastinates too much – for lack of confidence ? – while it is ideally positioned at the entrance to the penalty area, full axis (13th). Technically comfortable, often managed to slip through the Versailles rearguard, but without much effect on arrival.

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