Football: at the Olympique d’Alès in Cévennes, hope, always, and recruits, finally!

Football: at the Olympique d’Alès in Cévennes, hope, always, and recruits, finally!

Football: at the Olympique d’Alès in Cévennes, hope, always, and recruits, finally!

Goalkeeper Eric Moreau, one of the survivors from the previous season. FREE NOON – ERIC DOLADILLE

N3 or N2? Pending a repechage, the OAC has postponed the resumption of training until Wednesday July 10. This uncertainty impacts the Alesian transfer window, which will not be the same depending on the division in which the second Gard club will play.

Where will the OAC play next season, and with whom? The answer is still awaited, and the verdict may not come until July 15. After two months of interruption, the resumption of the National 2 championship is set for August 17. Ranked third potential draftable after its sporting relegation, the Cévennes club is today in pole position (Haguenau and Saumur have already been maintained in N2, Editor's note) but still does not see anything coming from the DNCG, the financial policeman of the French football.

To date, the accounting situation of all clubs has been scrutinized. Some are appealing after their administrative demotion, others are on probation. Bordeaux (L2), Rouen (N), Martigues (L2) and Aubagne (N) are called up again this Tuesday. Châteauroux (N), Niort (N) and AC Ajaccio (L2) this Thursday. It would be enough for one of these clubs to be sent to National 3 for OAC to remain in N2.

Interesting reinforcements

Hope is fading but it remains, therefore. Except that these administrative uncertainties leave the OAC in a state of expectation. For general manager Philippe Mallaroni, the situation is unprecedented: “We are still working on recruitment but our situation prevents us from finalizing the contacts made by Jean-Marie Pasqualetti and his network of agents”. Namely that the Alès transfer window, and the financial possibilities, will not be the same depending on the division.

Some recruits will come to N2, others to N3. But four are already recorded, whatever the level in which Alès will evolve in 2024-2025. The club announced them this Monday: central back of Blagnac (N3) Gabriel Osei Yaw (24 years old), passed through the Austrian D3; another central defender from Olympique de Valence (promoted to N2) Ayachi Missaoui (27); the Breton left side of Trélissac Thibault Hamel (27), seasoned at the N2 and well trained at Stade Rennais and finally the winger of AS Furiani Alpha Kubota (28 years old), Japanese by birth and good player of N2 also, who wandered around.

They will be present at training this Wednesday at 9 a.m. at Le Moulinet, the resumption having been delayed by two days. Along with the few survivors from the previous exercise, 16 players who were not retained.

Eric Moreau’s unifying speech

Goalkeeper Eric Moreau (25 years old), who arrived in the Cévennes in 2020, will be there. "I am ready at 200 %  ! Although it's annoying not yet knowing what level we'll play at next season, it's not the end of the world. Whether in N2 or N3, old and new players will have to take responsibility whatever happens. This is a change in cycle that will have to be managed as best as possible. We failed, and for the management of the club, the coach, the technical staff, the sponsors and the supporters, we must bounce back. I arrived here very young and I fully intend to continue to give back to the OAC everything it has given me on a sporting and human level. " Here's a great speech to kick off the season!

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