Football: cards in hand for Frontignan and winning poker for the Sétois

Football: cards in hand for Frontignan and winning poker for the Sétois

The Mézois stumbled in the derby against the Sète leader. FREE NOON – E.R.

In the Regional, the results of the day, for three of the five Thau teams, could change the course of things.

Like the Asfac which went to Canet-en-Roussillon with the possibility of extricating itself from the red zone, the scenario will not have was exactly as hoped. However, everything started well with Florian Moureaux's opening score.

Unfortunately, two minutes of confusion just before the break put the Muscatiers back in doubt. What follows is a catastrophic scenario with a relatively satisfactory epilogue. A red card for Mohamed Kharrazi, a clash between a Catalan striker with Yolan Dalouze which ends in hospital for both players, a multitude of missed opportunities and, finally, an equalizer at the end of the match which testifies of the desire to react of visitors bruised by the course of events.

On the clock, it’s only one point but it brings three direct rivals who will soon be adversaries on the field. A lesser evil!

Tense derby

In R3, the derby between Mézois and Sétois logically went to the highest ranked. Leaders, the "Green and White" did not wish to expose themselves to a return of the Atlas. Thomas Pron with a masterful strike from a free kick opened the way, Lucas Segura in the same top corner allowed the visitors to lead 2-0 at the break.

However, Mèze SFC started with two clear chances a match marred by numerous mistakes and a little tension, on and off the field. Mèze will therefore continue its quest for points, here too the results of the rivals are positive but the schedule remains difficult.

Stade Balarucois and Asfac II remained at rest. If it was planned for the "Vert et noir", for the Muscatiers the withdrawal from the AF Catalan is a surprise. A "rabbit" which should increase the points counter of “Blue and White” of three units.

Canet-Roussillon II/Asfac 2-2,
Mèze SFC/SC Sète 0-2,
St. Balaruc exempt,
Asfac II/AF Catalan (AFC package). I subscribe to read more

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