Football: “Everything I did, I did for SC Sète,” assures Franck Casalis

Football: “Everything I did, I did for SC Sète,” assures Franck Casalis

Franck Casalis entouré de ses U15, qui porteront les couleurs des Dockers à la rentrée.

L’éducateur des U15 "Vert et blanc" explique pourquoi lui et son équipe quittent le club.

A rare occurrence in sport, a coach and his entire team will wear the colors of another club next season. Franck Casalis and his U15s join the ranks of the Dockers and the coach, now former "Green and White", was keen to provide details after the remarks of President Stefan Paler.

SC Sète highlighted

« To say that I made a club within a club would mean that I only did what I wanted while we suffered. I am a BMF graduate, so I came in the spirit of making this group work. But you should know that these U15s had not been respected for years, from the U10s they were put aside and this was accentuated in the U14s. We preferred to bring in U13s rather than bringing in U14s. I recovered a demobilized, demotivated group. And my feeling was that if this team did not happen, that would suit everyone. I did a tournament at the start of the season which brought in 500 € at the club, the young people did two internships, we did an action for Pink October, another for solidarity Christmas, I offered them activities outside of football… When an educator offers so much, it’s disturbing. The proposals should have come from management. I did all this for the young people and the club, we always highlighted SC Sète without them giving us a cent. A club within the club ? It was always SC Sète which was the beneficiary. »

He follows his young ones

Finally, Franck Casalis was fired at the end of the season. « I was fired by SMS, a few days after I organized, with Madior Diallo and all the educators, the football school party. This is what happened. I was threatened without there being any sanction. The parents observe, they step up to the plate and I always calm them down. Except that at the end of the season, some insulted the president on our Whatsapp group. I didn't agree with it, but someone reported it to the president and it got back to me. When leaving the club, I asked the young people to trust the leaders. But parents warned me that they were leaving SCSète and that their kids were going to stop playing football. They still asked me if I could start a team elsewhere, which is why I approached the Dockers. The young people did not follow me, it was me who followed the young people. »

Respect for the club management

The divorce is pronounced and it is with a certain bitterness that Franck Casalis leaves his club. « FC Sète, which trained me, is a big club. I never complained, even though I still hadn't been paid, and when I went three months without a goalkeeper in training. I attended all the five-a-side football meetings, the only team to have held all the meetings. The idea of ​​training kids who are failing at school comes from me. I've made mistakes, but they're nothing compared to all the good things I've done. We could have sat down and talked about it… I have respect for the management of the club, I have always been frank with them. I think that the president and his sports director benefit from being known, but they are lonely. »

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