Football: Italian league calls for investigation after racist insults during derby between Roma and Lazio

Football: Italian league calls for investigation after racist insults during derby between Roma and Lazio

La Ligue italienne réclame une enquête sur des insultes racistes lors du derby romain. MAXPPP – ETTORE FERRARI

La ligue italienne de football a exigé, ce mardi, l’ouverture d’une enquête à la suite d’insultes racistes proférées lors du derby romain, samedi.

The Italian Football League on Tuesday called for the opening of an investigation into racist insults uttered from the stands during the derby between AS Roma and Lazio on Saturday.

In a press release, Serie A asked the Federation (FIGC) to look into the insults from supporters of the two teams who targeted the Belgian striker of Roma, Romelu Lukaku, and the French midfielder of Lazio, Matteo Guendouzi.

A case of "religious discrimination"

Serie A also denounces a case of "religious discrimination" on the part of Lazio fans.

The League did not give details but Laziale supporters have the habit of insulting those of Roma by calling them "Jews".

A fringe of Lazio supporters is associated with small fascist groups even though both clubs have far-right fans in their ranks.

Finally, the League wants an investigation into the sole scorer of the derby, Roma defender Gianluca Mancini, who brandished two flags at the end of the match, one bearing the inscription "Anti Lazio" and the other in the colors of Lazio flocked with an enormous rat.

Not the first racist insult this season

Other players, such as Argentina's Paulo Dybala, joined the victory celebrations in front of the supporters' stand.

In the stands, the Romanian Stefan Radu, ex-Lazio defender, created controversy by wearing a hoodie embroidered with the acronym "SS Lazio", the double S corresponding to the full name of the club Società Sportiva, resembling with the Nazi insignia of the "Schutzstaffel".

If no violence took place in the stands, clashes broke out between supporters of the two teams before kick-off outside the stadium.< /p>

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Several racist incidents have disrupted the season in Italy, notably insults uttered in January against the French goalkeeper of AC Milan, Mike Maignan.

The target of monkey cries from Udinese supporters, the Guyanese left the field, forcing the referee to temporarily suspend the match.

The affair had pushed Italian football authorities to react, but in February, a survey showed that 16% of Italians considered & ;quot;making a monkey cry or throwing bananas at black players" when supporting a football team.

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