Football: Mbappé and PSG beat Lyon to claim a fifteenth Coupe de France

Football: Mbappé and PSG beat Lyon to claim a fifteenth Coupe de France

Kylian Mbappé a pu célébrer avec Ousmane Dembélé. MAXPPP – MOHAMMED BADRA

For Kylian Mbappé's 307th and final match in the colors of PSG, the Parisian club beat Lyon (2-1) and won a fifteenth Coupe de France.

Beaten twice 4-1 by their opponent of the day, during the Ligue 1 season, Pierre Sage's players, who snatched an unexpected place in the Europa League on the gong, were in search of & rsquo;a first trophy since 2012.
But from the first minutes of the match, Beraldo gave the first thrill on the cage guarded by Lucas Perri (2nd). A few moments later, the Brazilian goalkeeper stood out on his line, stopping a strike from Zaire-Emery (5th).

O'Brien for the goal of hope

The Lyonnais were under pressure from Luis Enrique's men and Ousmane Dembélé took advantage of an error of judgment from Perri, to score a header at the far post (1-0, 22nd).
PSG did not loosen their grip and Fabian Ruiz came to punish, in ambush, the Lyon defense, to double the lead (2-0, 34th).

Uncomfortable and clumsy, Kylian Mbappé was unable to score his 256th goal, in 307 matches in the Parisian jersey, in this first act.
Through a corner, before the hour mark, the Lyonnais regained hope thanks to the 97 meter mark of their Irish defender Jake O’Brien. The latter catapulted his header into Donnarumma's net (2-1, 55th).

Ten minutes later, Nicolas Tagliafico was within a reflex parade of the Italian goalkeeper, imitating his teammate in central defense (65th). At the end of the match, the Parisians kept the ball and headed, without trembling, towards a new title, the fifteenth and last for Mbappé at PSG.

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