Football: Nicolas Holveck, president of AS Nancy-Lorraine, died following an illness

Football: Nicolas Holveck, president of AS Nancy-Lorraine, died following an illness

Nicolas Holveck became Director General of ASNL in the 2000s before returning in September 2023. MAXPPP – Jeremias Gonzalez

The president of Nancy (National) and former executive president and general manager of Rennes, Nicolas Holveck, died at the age of 52 following an “illness”, the Lorraine club announced on Monday.

"It’It is with immense sadness that we learned this morning of the death of our president Nicolas Holveck, a writes AS Nancy Lorraine in a press release published on X (formerly Twitter). He fought against illness to the end."

General Director of ASNL in the 2000s, when the club was still in Ligue 1, Nicolas Holveck was recruited by AS Monaco in 2014 to become its deputy general director , after seventeen years in Lorraine.

In March 2020, he became the president of Stade Rennais. Mr. Holveck stepped aside in May 2022, a little over a year after revealing he was suffering from cancer, replaced by Olivier Cloarec.< /p>

Returning to Nancy in 2023

He then returned to ASNL as president in September 2023. Fifth in the National, the Lorraine club plays the last match of the 28th day this Monday evening (9 p.m.) in Sochaux (9th).

"Nicolas Holveck was a respected leader, appreciated by everyone throughout his career, commented the president of the LFP , Vincent Labrune in a press release. Above all, from my point of view, he was an avant-garde and visionary leader in his approach, undoubtedly one of the strongest of his generation. On behalf of all French professional football, I send all my condolences to the family and loved ones of Nicolas Holveck, as well as to AS Nancy-Lorraine."

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