Football: this is becoming clearer for some Thau clubs in the district

Football: this is becoming clearer for some Thau clubs in the district

Les Mirevalais veulent encore croire à une fin de saison à enjeu.

Between the Easter break and a new break to update the calendar, the district returned to the field this weekend of April 6 and 7.

A progression in fits and starts which does not necessarily suit the teams wishing to maintain a pace, those, of course, who remained on a positive dynamic.  This was the case of the Lapeyradois. Undefeated since March 2, they remained so at the end of a match where the spaces opened up after the commotion of two red cards on each side. SC Sète II seems to continue its chaotic course with another defeat at home. A staffing problem, an obligation to incorporate young people into a championship which requires experience, a defense which concedes too many goals, we will nevertheless have to pull ourselves together.

Sète Olympique in the ranks

In D2, if FC Domitia obtains a draw at Clermontaise in group B, Sète Olympique, in group A, fails against the first in class and definitively falls into line. The squad, rejuvenated following absences, deserved much better. A goal conceded too quickly then an undivided domination did not allow the Sétois to upset a semi-finalist of the Hérault Cup. It was only at the very end of the match that the visitors established their success.

Mireval hangs on

In D3 pool B, the Mirevalais continue to hold on to La Grande-Motte by signing a convincing success over their main rivals from Croix d’Argent. Two goals from Hichem Sabik strengthen their position as runners-up. The day could even have been dreamed of, the Lapeyradois having only lost by a small goal against the leaders. In pool C, the Balarucois struggled to get rid of the Social players while FC Domitia and Mèze SFC II scored a victory.

Saint-Gély/Ol Lapeyradois 3-3,
SC Sète II/Petit-Bard II 2-4,
Gignac/Pointe-Courte AC 4-1,
Mèze SFC II/Saint-Pargoire 3-1,
Sète Olympique/Jacou 0-2,
Clermontaise II/FC Domitia 1-1,
La Grande-Motte/Ol. Lapeyradois II 2-1,
AS Mireval/Arsenal Silver Cross 2-0,
St. Balaruc II/Social Sète 3-2,
FC Domitia II/Saint-André 4-2. I subscribe to read more

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