Football: “Today more than ever, go Nîmes!”, supporters and politicians in support of the Crocos

Football: “Today more than ever, go Nîmes!”, supporters and politicians in support of the Crocos

Dans les tribunes, 1 170 personnes étaient présentes contre Marignane aux Antonins, dont la capacité dépasse les 8 000 places… Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

The day after the announcement of the change of coach at the head of the Nîmes Olympique first team, the reactions are quite unanimous: as long as an electroshock allows for a change of heart. tear off the hold.

"Frédéric Bompard's Friday evening press conference said a lot about the context within his group… We can always ask ourselves the question of whether it was necessary to change trainers before or now, but it is clear that there is an electroshock effect which is sought and that ;a victory is expected on Friday, against Versailles." The observation made by Nicolas Rainville, deputy for Sport for the City of Nîmes and former professional football referee, is more or less shared by all supporters of Nîmes Olympique  nbsp;: beyond all the difficulties that the club encounters, maintaining National status is now a priority.

"Everyone will have to look in the mirror"

"We hope for an electric shock, confirms Corentin Carpentier, at the head of the Save the Nîmes Olympique collective< em>. We also welcome the fact that Rani Assaf remembered the right formulas by turning to the training center, by appointing Adil Hermach, a local guy in whom we trust."< /em> A local guy,"who has the DNA of the club, who knows all the love that the people of Nîmes have for Nîmes Olympique, continues Nicolas Rainville. I gave him my support from his first speech and the one he gave this Tuesday morning showed how much he relied on the values ​​of the club."< /em>

However, the former man in black knows that this will not be enough: "Afterwards, there will be sixteen players who will have the answer in their feet Friday. Everyone will have to look at themselves in the mirror, remembering that they have the best job in the world and that they must give everything on the pitch for the last six matches, end up with cramps and completely emptied."

"The public is called to go to the stadium"

But Corentin Carpentier also wants to hammer home the role of supporters in this survival operation: "We would like the 12 000 subscribers of&rsquo ;a few seasons ago were heard at the Antonins", adding that "if Nîmes goes down, the recovery plans will collapse. We are calling on the public to go to the stadium to encourage the players and save Nîmes Olympique. There is no question of letting the club die in general indifference!"

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