For a representative government

Pour un gouvernement représentatif

Ignoring the growls of the large investors and the public outrage, the board of directors of Bombardier grants a retirement bonus of over $ 17 million to its former CEO Alain Bellemare.

Although Québec has invested over a billion in the company, the minister of the Economy Pierre Fitzgibbon refuses to comment.

As if we were not already enough of the turkeys of the farce, the canadian government refuses to exclude firms nested in tax havens of the emergency programs implemented to support the economy in times of a pandemic.

These firms add insult to injury by wanting to tap into the taxes of Canadians, while making the maximum not to pay.

The pawns

Yet, the federal and provincial governments announce deficits are historic and many wonder where we will go and draw the money to support the lame of this health crisis.

Although the signals are important, our ministers continue to show laxity in respect of companies that are flirting with the tax avoidance, or those who are generous with their senior executives after having received financial support important to the State.

Many of these senior executives have a portion of their compensation that stems from capital gains with shares or options that the company granted.

Another way for these well-heeled to put a portion of their salary to a tax shelter.

The justification of these payments extravagant is based on the flat excuse to do as comparable companies without, however, resort to the heaviness of the burdens and responsibilities of these senior leaders.

Anyway, it is indefensible to earn 100 times more than the employees of the company claiming to work 100 times harder than them.

Rather than put an end to all these privileges and these abuses, our governments are behaving more and more as the pawns of the oligarchs financial.

Our ministers to contribute to the growth of social inequalities and the insecurity they create for the planet.

Power to the people

Our voting system inherited from the british parliamentary generates the majority of the time, governments with a majority of the seats being elected by a minority of the population.

Less and less, politicians seek to reach the whole population.

They behave rather as entrepreneurs who are trying to capture market share, electoral, and governing for those segments of the electorate.

Closer to business people for several decades, the elected governments have been inclined to respond more favorably to their grievances, while leaving the majority of the population live in austerity.

A method of proportional voting would give governments more representative of the people and of ministers who would like to put an end to abuses of big business.

A beautiful perspective which is, however, obscured by our current decision makers that tend to reduce the democratic space and to eliminate the counter-powers !

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