For Bolton, Donald Trump has a lot of fun the north Korean leader

Pour Bolton, Donald Trump a beaucoup amusé le dirigeant nord-coréen

Washington | John Bolton, the former national security adviser, Donald Trump, has estimated that the north Korean leader to “amused” the way in which the american president perceived their relationship.

Mr Bolton was speaking in an interview Sunday with ABC-tv News – his first interview before so on Tuesday of his book explosive on Mr. Trump.

Asked whether Mr. Trump “really think that Kim Jong-un like it,” Mr. Bolton replied that he saw no other explanation. “I think that Kim Jong-un enjoys a lot of all this”, he said.

“These letters that the president has shown to the press (…) are written by any government official of the bureau of propaganda of the Workers ‘Party of north korea”, he continued. “And yet, the president regarded them as a proof of deep friendship”.

In his book, Mr. Bolton is also the south Korean president Moon Jae-in about the summits Trump-Kim, claiming that the whole process was a “creation of South Korea, and much more related to its agenda in view of “unification” as a serious strategy on the part of Kim or us.” The presidency of south korea was accused Monday of “distort” reality, and compromise in the upcoming nuclear negotiations.

For Mr. Bolton, Mr. Trump is not qualified for the job of president. “I hope that (the history) will be remembered as a president to one term, which has not irretrievably plunged the country into a downward spiral without precedent. We can give a sole mandate”, he said.

Mr. Bolton does not intend to vote in November or to Mr. Trump or the democrat Joe Biden, but will “think of a republican conservative to indicate” on his ballot.

“The drop of water”

Called The Room Where it Happened (The part where it happened), his book chronicle his 17 months at the White House as national security adviser, in 2018-2019.

At the approach of the November presidential election, the administration Trump has sought to prevent its publication, but a judge refused Saturday to block its release, arguing that it had already been widely circulated even if it “has a risk to national security”.

Sacked in September, Mr. Bolton has assured to have resigned after the invitation to Camp David, launched by Mr. Trump to the taliban, “the drop of water that made the vase overflow”.

His book, called “pure fiction” by Donald Trump, described a president willing to do anything to get elected even ask a boost from China, strategic opponent of the United States, during a meeting with president Xi Jinping in June 2019.

Worse, it suggests that there was material to impeach the 45th president of the United States, beyond the case of ukraine, which eventually resulted in his acquittal.

The american president had been indicted for “abuse of power”, for military assistance to Ukraine, which would have been subject to the announcement by Kiev, investigations on his democratic opponent in the November election, Joe Biden.

The representatives republicans and democrats have criticized the book of Mr. Bolton, saying that he would rather have speak at the trial by impeachment of Mr. Trump instead of refusing to testify.

The elected democrat Adam Schiff, chair of the intelligence committee of the House of representatives, said Sunday on NBC that Mr. Bolton “accuses himself of cowardice and greed” by choosing to launch his accusations in a book. And republican senator Tim Scott, said Sunday on ABC that he would have preferred to see Mr. Bolton, “present themselves before the Chamber under oath and testify”.

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