For half the price: Nokia capture the 5G network cheap smartphones

Global HMD can produce 5G-smartphone Nokia cost 500-600 dollars

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За полцены: Nokia захватят сети 5G дешевыми смартфонами

The price tag Nokia 5G will be 50% lower than competitors

In a recent interview with the Director of HMD Global products Nokia Juho of Services announced the publication of Digital Trends the company’s plans for 2020. Owns the rights to bend the Nokia the Finnish company plans to release a full flagship smartphone 5G at the lowest market price. The novelty will appear on sale next year, and the price tag will be 50% lower than competitors. According to Global HMD, they can produce 5G-smartphone cost $ 500-600.

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Smartphones with support for 5G that are available today are supplied by Samsung and LG: Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G costs from $ 1300 and V50 LG ThinQ 5G – about $ 1,000. Global HMD intends to break into the smartphone race with ultra-fast mobile Internet and punch low price than the manufacturer, will not only attract potential buyers but also will accelerate the deployment of 5G networks, an increasing number of subscribers and thereby increasing demand.

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“We see the opportunity for us to bring 5G network in a more affordable segment as we go to market. We will offer to buyers of smartphones for half the price”, commented Juho Services.

Nokia can expect a tough competition from companies like Motorola and OnePlus, which will also promote the introduction of 5G its own more expensive offerings, but Nokia 5G in the range of 500 to 600 dollars will be more attractive among the competitors.

Also in a recent message on Twitter, Services shed light on Nokia’s plans to upgrade existing phones to Android 10. The first three phones that will receive the update in the fourth quarter of 2019 is Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia Nokia 8.1 and 7.1. Other models will receive the update in 2020. Global HMD intends to update almost the entire range of its current models to Android 10, ending Nokia 1, 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1.

Earlier, Nokia has released extremely cheap phone costs 550 USD. And recently, a former Nokia engineer told about the resounding failure of Microsoft.

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За полцены: Nokia захватят сети 5G дешевыми смартфонами

За полцены: Nokia захватят сети 5G дешевыми смартфонами

За полцены: Nokia захватят сети 5G дешевыми смартфонами


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