For Martine Ouellet, the crisis in the Bloc has the merit of clarifying things

Martine Ouellet acknowledges that the Bloc Québécois crisis situation “is not good news”, but believes that the creation of a new party by the seven resigning MPs at least has the merit of clarifying things .
Flanked by the only two Bloc MPs who continue to support him and the new Bloc Québécois vice-president, Gilbert Paquette, Ouellet accused Monday in Montreal of the new party in the making to defend the interests of Quebec while maintaining the status quo Constitutional, since the resigners say they are ready to welcome representatives of other federalist formations in their ranks.

Gilbert Paquette, for his part, went so far as to describe the future party as “crypto-federalist” since his deputies will not associate the defense of Quebec’s interests with the accession to independence.

Martine Ouellet maintains the line she has championed since her arrival at the head of the group, namely, “to promote independence in all forums on all occasions”, as provided for in Article 1 of the party program.

According to her, it is this question of substance that is at the heart of the crisis and not her own personality or her leadership style, which has been severely criticized by the resigners.

To this end, she does not hide a certain bitterness in the face of the criticisms she has been subjected to, describing the term “sect” used for her and those of her supporters as “unworthy”.

Moreover, she describes as “harm” and “hurtful” what she called “media slippage and attacks and insults” aimed at her personality, while the internal tearing of the political party is nothing of the sort. other than a “power struggle over the role of the Bloc Québécois”.

She added that she is wondering if she is a “double standard” because she is a woman, while she strongly asserts that her “way of working was much more flexible, objectively” , than that of his predecessors, defending himself from being “uncompromising” or “controlling”, qualifiers that have been used to him on many occasions since he became head of the party.

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