For the 10th anniversary of the victory on “Eurovision” Alexander Rybak will present a new clip

The artist released a video for the song I’m Still Here

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К 10-летию победы на "Евровидении" Александр Рыбак презентует новый клип

Alexander Rybak

“Eurovision 2019” was held in Israel, has held the opening ceremony of the competition. May 12, the viewers will watch the first semifinal on may 14, the second, and the final will determine the winner of”Eurovision 2019″, – may 18.

And while everyone is waiting for the results of the song contest, this year marks 10 years since the great victory of Alexander Rybak “Eurovision 2009” with the song Fairytale (“fairy Tale”). Then, in may 2009, the singer has set new records in the history of “Eurovision” among them the maximum number of points – 387. After such a record-breaking victory at the Fisherman formed a huge audience of fans around the world. The singer was able to win the commitment of hundreds of millions of people!

К 10-летию победы на "Евровидении" Александр Рыбак презентует новый клип

Alexander Rybak Photo: press-service

For the 10-year anniversary since the victory on “Eurovision” Alexander presented a love ballad I’m Still Here and the video for her dedicated fans from around the world.

“I’m Still Here is a song I dedicated to all my loyal fans who have supported me all 10 years since the victory Fairytale”, – said Alexander Rybak.

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Note that I’m Still Here – already known to the audience, she had written to Alexander Rybak a few years ago and first performed by Franklin Calleja (Calleja Franklin) at the National selection of Malta to the “Eurovision 2014”.

“This is one of many songs I wrote for other artists. I found the song I’m Still Here on my “shelf” a few years later and started to record it in his Studio. Now I feel I can open my heart to this song,” lifted the curtain of history songs its author and performer of the Fisherman.

The new video of Alexander Rybak – a true Love Story with all the colors! The main line of the clip goes is a sincere and romantic Alexander, who plays the violin on the background of the projected video. The main highlight of projection become romantic shots of a couple: the artist and the heroine of the clip (played by actress and musician Alexander Reverts) walk, sing, play the fool, dressed in costumes of different characters, travel and even celebrate the birthday together. Clip”I’m Still Here is filled with romantic images, and experiences.

Watch the video for the song I’m Still Here by Alexander Rybak:

Recall that the actor over the years since the victory on “Eurovision”, managed to record several albums, to remove more than 20 clips, many of which are filmed in Ukraine. Alexander writes soundtracks and has partnered with global studios. Now the Fisherman working on their own musical, which is based on his book Trolle (“Troll”). The premiere is scheduled in Norway for the next Christmas.

“In parallel, Alexander is working on several singles on different languages for fans around the world. The artist often experiments in his work. For example, he recorded a cover of the winning song Jamala Eurovision – “1944”. In addition, may is a landmark for Fisherman, as 13 may, the artist celebrates his birthday and he is to be congratulated on the official pages in the social.networks!”, – said the Director of artist Yana Pryadko.

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