For the british prime minister Boris Johnson, the anti-vaccines are “the weirdos”

Pour le premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson, les anti-vaccins sont «cinglés»

London | british prime minister Boris Johnson has called the Friday of “the weirdos” opponents of vaccines, promoting the national expanded program of immunization against influenza in the United Kingdom.

“There are all these anti-vaccine now. They are crazy”, he explained during a visit to a medical centre in London.

His conservative government has expanded its program of immunization against influenza, in the face of fears that the health services are overwhelmed in the event of a new wave of infections of the novel coronavirus.

The vaccine will now be free for people from the age of 50, the most vulnerable groups and young children. The goal is to vaccinate 30 million people.

According to a scientific study commissioned by the government, a second wave of new coronavirus this winter could be up to 120, 000 deaths in the hospitals of the United Kingdom in a “worst-case scenario reasonable” without adequate preparation.

The study recommends to implement an information campaign with specific advice for vulnerable people, increase the ability to test and vaccinate people at risk and health staff.

With more than 45, 000 deaths, the United Kingdom is the European country with the most grief-stricken by the pandemic of novel coronavirus. The mask-wearing became compulsory in the stores Friday in England.

According to the UN, a vaccine is the only possible way for a return to “normality”. But according to a recent YouGov poll, 16% of the British would “probably” or “certainly” such a vaccine, especially among those who inform themselves through social networks.

The anti-vaccine has gained ground in recent years, based on scientific studies, deceptive linking vaccination and autism.

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